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The Manufacturing & Operations (ManOps) Club

The ManOps Club is one of the most popular and essential clubs on campus. With various start-ups and even large corporates visiting campus for logistics and supply chain roles, the role of the club remains important.

With the manufacturing specialization being offered by ISB, there is an increasing interest among students in the fields of manufacturing and operations. The ManOps club organizes various events during the year to help students gain exposure to the vast fields of Operations.

Key events

  • Zenith: The ManOps club, in association with the Munjal Institute of Global Manufacturing (MIGM), organised Zenith, a case competition to analyse a Live case from small and medium enterprises. The contest tested participants’ ability to analyse real-life Operations issues and to come up with potential solutions. The winners won prizes worth Rs. 1.5 lakh. 
  • The Amazon Operations workshop: The club, in association with Amazon, organized a workshop on campus to discuss the skills and learning required for their roles in Operations. Details of their two popular campus programmes – BOLD and Pathways were provided and various other operations-related issues and cases were discussed to help candidates prepare for such roles post MBA.
  • Resume reviews: With various students battling it out for coveted Operations roles with popular names like FlipKart, Amazon, BMW etc. having a “killer” resume helps get a foot in the door. Hence, it is of prime importance to have one’s resume in place. Various resume review sessions were organized allowing students get feedback on how to best showcase their experience.
  • Mock interviews: Interviews are the deal makers in the recruitment process. The club also facilitated mock interviews with alumni from relevant background.
  • P2P sessions: Leveraging the diverse background and experience of the class, numerous peer 2 peer (P2P) sessions were organized which helped the students gain exposure to various industries and operational challenges faced by them. Students with experience in Tata Motors, Nestle, Bosch, NTPC, and BHEL to name a few, shared their experiences with the class of 2016.

New initiatives

  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification: A one-week workshop was organized by the club leading to a Six Sigma certification by KPMG. Senior executives from the big 4 firm were on campus to take sessions and share valuable insights in lean processes, etc.
  • The Red Bull challenge: The Red Bull Challenge was a fun activity organized by the club where the students had to estimate Red Bull sales on campus. The contest garnered huge participation from students and really tested their primary research skills.

Overall, the ManOps Club helps students gain exposure to the field of Operations, which is gaining significant importance in today’s sunrise sectors.


* All the Student Diaries have been written by ISB Alumni. ISBmantra holds no responsibility on the completeness and accuracy of this information. However, we endeavour to obtain all the content from reliable sources and keep the information up-to-date.


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