ISB Placements 2022 | Average Salary 34 Lakhs| 2066 offers

You must keep two things in mind while choosing a B school – Placements and Pedagogy. The Indian School of Business (ISB) wins on both fronts. If you choose the right school, your way ahead becomes much easier. Out of these 2 parameters, Placements give an idea of the kind of confidence the industry has in the quality of the business school.

So, what kind of confidence do recruiters place in ISB, and what placement opportunity does ISB provide? Who are the recruiters for the PGP program at ISB? What is the average package? What kind of roles can I expect? All these questions are answered in this article.


Let’s first do a rough estimate of the payback of the program.

ISB provides education equivalent to International standards. So the fee is comparatively higher than the other B-Schools in India. The one-year MBA program (PGP) at ISB is a well-received program. The fees for the PGP is approximately INR 33,14,620 (including GST) for shared accommodation and INR 34,26,720 (including GST) for studio accommodation.

The next question which would arise will be, is spending so much worth the program? How is this program going to help you move your career forward?

Let’s begin by analyzing the salary trends.


From the graph, we infer that the average salary offered is continuously increasing each year compared to the previous year. Amid the crisis due to the pandemic, ISB still managed to provide better placements. The average CTC offered for the PGP class of 2022 made history in the placement of the institute with an increase of 20.78% compared to the average salary offered for the PGP class of 2021.

ISB ROI for the PGP program

ISB PGP fees structure

Tuition fee + accommodation (approximately)33,00,000
Other expenses2,20,000
Total expense of the ISB PGP  program35,20,000
Average salary after completing the ISB PGP program (per annum)28,00,000

The total expense for the one-year MBA program (PGP) at ISB will be approximately 35.2 lakhs. As per the ISB placement reports, let's consider the average CTC offered as 28 lakhs per annum. 


Considering the total expense and the salary you would receive after completing the course, you will be able to recover the money spent on the PGP program in approximately 2-3 years. (without a loan)

If you are planning to apply for a loan, taking an average loan rate of 8%, you will be able to recover the money spent for the PGP program in approximately 4-5 years.

Note : These calculations are just an estimation. The actual duration for the recovery of money spent for the PGP may vary for each individual.

ISB Placements Report - 2022

ISB 2022 Placement Highlights

  • Class size - 929
  • Number of recruiting companies - 270
  • Number of offers - 2066
  • Average salary - 34.07 lakhs 
  • Average offer per student - 2.22
  • Offers yield per company - 7.68
  • Female students in the class - 39%
  • Offer made to women students - 847

The placements for the ISB PGP class of 2022 were incredible with an increase in average salary by 20.78% compared to last year. The average accepted CTC is INR 34.07 lakhs which is three times higher than the offered CTC from their pre-ISB salaries. Due to the pandemic, the entire placement process for the ISB PGP class of 2022 took place virtually.

270 companies made a record by giving 2066 offers at the end of placement week. On average, every student had two offers. Women students who contribute 39% of the total class had an offer of 41%.

The top recruiters were from the consulting, IT/ITES/Technology, BFSI, FMCG/Retail, and Pharma/Healthcare sectors. Consulting firms made 37% offers, the top firms being McKinsey, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte India, KMPG, Boston Consulting Group, EY India, and LEK Consulting. 

ISB Placement Report - 2021

The average CTC package for the PGP class of 2021 was Rs 28.29 lakh per annum which is an increase of 8% compared to the average CTC package of Rs 26.12 lakh for the class of 2020.

Let's compare the placement of the past five years to get a better understanding

The Class of 2021 had an exceptional year on the Placements front in terms of diverse kind of roles and responsibilities that came across their way as well as the salaries offered. Our students are sought after by the entire spectrum of corporates, including from the Government and the semi-government space and unicorns, startups and new age firms.

Uday Virmani, Senior Director - Career Advancement Services, ISB

Despite the global crisis, the placement for PGP students at ISB went great with a total offer of 1145. 

ISB Placements - Number of offers and average salary (2017-2021)


There were 95+ first-time recruiters for the PGP class of 2021 offering more than 125 jobs.

31 companies gave more than 10 offers each. The average offer per company is 6.18 which specifies the relationship of ISB with the recruiters even in uncertain times. 

Consulting, Product Management, Sales & Marketing, and General management functions offered high salary packages. Consulting firms gave 388 offers, which indicates ISB is a preferred choice by them.

Women-centered hiring programs such as Citibank’s Catalyst and Axis Bank’s WE Lead offered leadership position jobs to women candidates. In total, women candidates were offered 24 leadership roles from leading companies.

There will be integrated placement for both the campuses (Hyderabad and Mohali) of ISB.

And the placement for the class of 2021 took place virtually due to the pandemic.

Let's discuss in detail the function-wise and industry-wise offers for the ISB PGP candidates.

ISB Placements - Function wise offers

Consulting, Product Management, Sales & Marketing, and General management functions were the top recruiters. 

Function wise offers for the years 2020 and 2021

Function wise offer2021 (in percentage)2020 (in percentage)
Product management1416
Sales and marketing1416
General management1216

The number of offers given by consulting companies increased by 11% and the number of offers given by technology-based companies increased by 2%. But the other function-wise offers were reduced by 2-4% on average.

Function wise average salary for the years 2020 and 2021

Average CTC (2021)Average CTC (2020)
Business research25,86,66740,00,000
General management24,68,63423,19,179
Human resources21,00,00025,00,000
Product development34,50,00027,61,271
Product management27,44,91826,25,403
Research & development23,00,000-
Sales & marketing25,55,20424,73,928

From this data, we infer that the average CTC for product development and technology has increased by 7 lakhs and 6 lakhs respectively in 2021. For other functions like consulting, analytics, general management, operations, product management, sale & marketing the average CTC has increased by 1.5 lakhs on average. However, for functions like business research and human resource, the average CTC has decreased compared to the average CTC offered in 2020.

ISB Placements - Industry wise offers

Industry-wise offers for the years 2020 and 2021

Industry-wise offer2021 (in percentage)2020 (in percentage)
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)1012
Healthcare 54
Urban mobility3-
E-commerce 311
Education 22
Real Estate 22

Consulting, IT/ITES and Technology, BFSI, Healthcare, and FMCG industries were the top recruiters. 

Consulting companies gave the highest number of offers with 33% followed by IT/ITES offering 16% of total jobs. 10% of job offers came from the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) segment. 

The offer by Technology companies increased by 5% compared to last year (2020).

Urban industry also gave 35 offers reflecting the dynamic change in the business growth.

FMCG giants such as HUL, Colgate, ITC, AB InBev, L’Oreal, Samsung continued to maintain faith in students by offering 5% of total offers. The Healthcare industry also gave jobs accounting to 5% of total offers.

The major impact of the crisis was felt on the E-commerce industry as the number of job offers reduced from 11% to 3% in 2021. 

ISB Placements - International Offers

Soumi, who is an ISB graduate, shares her placement experience at ISB in her channel “Insider Gyaan”. As per the video, she says the global companies start their recruitment process almost a month ahead of the day 1 of placement process. And they choose only the top 1 or 2 students.

The companies from Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, and other parts of the world also do talent hunt at ISB. Around 18% of ISB alumni are working in international companies from different sectors such as FMCG, Finance, Technology, and others.

ISB Placements - Job offers by Government and Semi-Government agencies

Andhra Pradesh Government’s Institute of Leadership, Excellence & Governance (ILEG), Invest Punjab and Sah-ktra Foundation have hired students from ISB in the last two years.

Recruiting companies for the placements in ISB

There is a huge list of companies that partner with ISB every year to fulfill their talent requirement. 

Here is a list of well-known companies from different sectors who recruit from ISB.

Consulting companiesBFSIIT/ITES/Technology, E-commerceFMCG
McKinsey & CompanyICICIMicrosoftHUL
Deloitte India, USIAxisFlipkartProcter and Gamble 
Accenture Solutions Pvt.LtdYes BankUberColgate
Bain & Company India Pvt.LtdCitibankCiscoITC
KearnyCredit SuisseAtlassianAB InBev
ZS AssociatesWells FargoMyntraSamsung
KPMGCapitel PartnersOla Electric
GEP SolutionsVC firm Matrix PartnersZynga
Alvarez and Marsal India Private LimitedElectronic Arts
L.E.K ConsultingNykaa
Arthur D. LittleHiLabs
Ernst & Young LLPBeatO
Dalberg and Intueri Consulting LLP

Roles offered in the placements at ISB

These are some roles you can expect after completing the PGP course at ISB.

  • Vice President - Strategy & CFO Services, Lead Digital Transformation, Delivery Head, Global Operating Leaders
  • Assistant Vice President - Operations, GFO
  • Head - Commercial Process
  • Director, Strategy
  • Strategic Business Change Consultant
  • Deputy General Manager- Sales & Marketing
  • Client Partner - Sales & Marketing
  • Assisting CEO & Director office in business transformation/ Value driven projects
  • Senior Manager, Global Growth
  • AGM, Design Strategy

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For which courses does ISB provide placement?

ISB provides placement only for the PGP (one-year MBA program) and FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) programs.

What is the average salary package offered during the ISB 2022 placement?

The average salary package for the PGP class of 2022 is Rs 34.07 lakhs per annum with an increase of 20.78% compared to the average CTC package of Rs 27.13 lakhs for the class of 2021.

What was the minimum and maximum salary offered during the ISB 2021 placement?

The minimum salary offered during the ISB 2021 placement was 15 lakhs by Government / NGO / PSUs / Forces / Services industry and the maximum salary offered during the ISB 2021 placement was 72 lakhs by the High Technology / Manufacturing / Services industry.

Do candidates with high experience get preference in ISB placements?

No. Getting placed in a company is based on the skills you possess rather than just the experience.

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