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Professional and Social Clubs at ISB

Professional and social clubs are an integral part of an MBA experience. At ISB, students can benefit from numerous professional clubs such as Consulting, Marketing, General Management, Real Estate, etc. and interesting social clubs, like Art & Creativity, Wine & Brew etc. Consulting and Marketing clubs traditionally remain among the most popular clubs at ISB since most students are passionate about pursuing a career in these fields.

Every student club has a president, who reports directly to the Graduate Student Board (GSB) president who occupies the highest position among all student organizations in the institution. The student body is chosen through elections. It begins with the preparation of a manifesto. The candidates embark on extensive campaigns, field questions from students, and pass the interview rounds to be elected as the president. Any student, who votes for a particular club, automatically becomes a member of that club, and therefore, the number of votes for each student is limited to three. So all the students at ISB can join up to three professional clubs but any number of social clubs. However, there is no limit on the number of members for a particular club. Even if a student is not a member of a certain club, he/she is free to attend events organized by the club.

Students often want to create a new professional or social club themselves and they are welcome to do so, but only after the consent of at least 50% of the class. The idea for the new club is circulated among students and if it attracts the required support from the class, the club is formed. In most cases, the student initiating a club gets elected as the president of that club.

While professional clubs function as a crucial platform for competitions, discussions, case studies, and speaker sessions, the social clubs help students rejuvenate and unwind after the hectic academic schedule at ISB. 


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