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Case Competitions and Business Simulations

Business Case competitions and Simulations undoubtedly remain important learning media for ISB students. The most popular one on campus is ‘Stratos’ sponsored by the Aditya Birla Group. Stratos is a business simulation competition. Participants are given a specific business scenario and are tasked to decide how much to produce, when to produce, how to deal with crisis, how to manage finances; and the results reflect on their stock price by the end of the competition. This is a group activity, each group consisting of 3-4 members. The activity lasts a week and all the business decisions are taken by the members of the group. The team with the highest stock price wins this national level competition.

Another important competition at ISB is the CK Prahalad Case Competition which is an international level event where the students are asked to handle a real life case. The students have to come up with effective solutions for actual cases and the competition has several rounds, the second of which is held in Chicago.

The Philips Blueprint Award is another exciting competition. The company invites top B-schools and engineering colleges from India and the students are expected to come up with a business idea. The participants first need to submit an executive summary of the idea and if it gets shortlisted, they need to proceed with the development of a detailed business plan.

ISB students also participate in a number of popular case competitions. The one hosted by PepsiCo sees good participation, where successful participants get to present their concept to the PepsiCo Board.

These competitions and simulations, aren’t just opportunities to win attractive prizes, but also add good value to one’s resume. Above all, being an ISB student does not just give you a stronger team, solid support from the institute and faculty, but most importantly, an entry into such competitions, which are normally open to the top MBA programs only. 


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