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The Graduate Student Board (GSB): Your Voice at ISB

The Graduate Student Board (GSB) coordinates and manages student activities during the year at ISB. Various departments within the GSB ensure that academics, careers as well as extra-curricular interests of students are taken care of.

Constituted at both the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses, the GSB core team has eight members. Led by the GSB President, the team includes the Directors for academic affairs, alumni relations, operations and sustainability, student life, marketing & communications and careers advancement. It also comprises a treasurer who looks after budgeting and financing of various clubs and events. The GSB core is elected by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) i.e. the student body (through an online voting system) after the candidates present their manifestoes through soapbox presentations between mid-May and early June.

The GSB President: The President is arguably the most important member of the GSB. She represents the student body and is responsible for coordinating all activities throughout the year. All clubs and councils report to the GSB President. She is also the custodian of ISB’s flagship annual event – the ISB Leadership Summit (ILS). Hence, all student interests are looked after by the GSB President and she becomes the face of the PGP class at ISB.

The Treasurer: The treasurer manages the budget and finances of the GSA. She also monitors participation of students in various inter-school events and competitions through the B-school representative who is a part of her council. The treasurer maintains budget and expenditure statements and collaborates with ISB’s finance and Student Engagement and Applied Learning (SEAL) departments.

The Academic Affairs Council (AAC): The AAC is the link between students and the Academic Services and Administration department or the ASA. The AAC ensures that all academics-related concerns and queries of students are voiced to the authorities. From professor and course feedback to information on electives, all information is channeled through the AAC, which is led by the AAC Director. The council also includes coordinators for peer-to-peer (P2P) learning sessions, section representatives and the curriculum feedback lead, among others.

The Alumni Affairs Council (ALC): The ALC helps organize the alumni activities and events all-round the year. Apart from contributing towards flagship alumni events such as Solstice at Hyderabad and Equinox at Mohali, the council ensures regular interaction through an alumni mentorship programme, resume reviews, mock interviews as well as speaker sessions.

The Operations and Sustainability Council (OSC): The OSC is the team that looks after all operations and facilities-related issues on campus. In addition to the Director, the council includes coordinators for food & beverage, IT and the Learning Resource Center (LRC) i.e. the library, sustainability and student accommodation.

The Marketing & Communications Council (MCC): The marketing & communications council undertakes marketing and promotion of all events on campus across the year. Custodian of the ISB brand, the team coordinates various media and marketing initiatives across the two campuses. The council comprises offices for web & social media, knowledge initiatives, merchandising etc. The MCC, in coordination with the SLC, also undertakes other initiatives such as the Yearbook to capture the best memories of the year at ISB.  

The Student Life Council (SLC): The SLC coordinates all social activities and events at ISB. Although, popular for organizing parties, the SLC’s mandate goes much beyond that. While all social clubs report to the Director, SLC, she also ensures that all festivals and cultural events have active participation. The Director, SLC is inevitably one of the most popular students on campus.

The Career Advancement Council (CAC): The CAC is your go-to team for all placement related matters. Although known for spamming your inbox and making you “volunteer” to compulsorily attend pre-placement talks, they undertake the most important task of the year – getting you your dream job! The link between the Career Advancement Services (a.k.a. placement cell) and the students, they play a pivotal role in the most crucial days of the year coordinating activities to ensure a smooth placement process. 

Given that the GSB touches all aspects of student life at ISB, it becomes imperative to have a strong GSB core team. Hence, elections become extremely important and your vote counts! Undoubtedly, the GSB core is the backbone of the class and should be elected with utmost care.


* All the Student Diaries have been written by ISB Alumni. ISBmantra holds no responsibility on the completeness and accuracy of this information. However, we endeavour to obtain all the content from reliable sources and keep the information up-to-date.


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