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Time Until PGPpro Final round Deadline (28 May 2023) *Delhi & Hyderabad

Mapping and Location Services / 3 years 8 months

Interview Date

27th February, 2016

Work Profile

Mapping and Location Services, 3 yrs 8 mths



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One word before the interview



Qn: So tell me about your project that you have mentioned in the first essay.

A:  Told them in brief what the project was all about.

FollowupQn:  So how did you bring in those savings number that you have mentioned in the essay?

A:  Told them about the process improvement activity that I had done and gave them an overview of how savings were calculated.

FollowupQn: So this was not hard savings right? Or was it?

A: No, these were soft savings. We call them Lean savings in our organisation

Qn: Tell me how many parking lots are there in this hotel?

A: I need some info on the number of rooms available and the average in and out time.

Followup: Assume 200 rooms and an average check in/out time of 2 days.

A: Assuming 90% of the people come here with their cars and the rest 10% are say like me who come via ola/booked car service or maybe come for sight-seeing/ a couple of hours stay, I would say 180 plus 10% buffer which brings the count to `200

Qn: Tell me about the Kaizen event you mentioned in essay 2. What is Kaizen? How was this helpful?

A: Gave a brief on what kaizen is, how it helped the organisation solve a major process bottleneck.

Qn: Tell me about your major competitor’s market share.

A: Gave the market share of google maps

Qn: Tell me a few major differences between Google Maps and Here Maps

A: Gave 3 differences

Qn: What do you think about failure?

A: I believe failure is very important because of 2 reasons: One it tells you where you are lacking and which areas to improve on and second; it keeps you grounded

Follow up Qn: Tell me one time that you failed in your personal life and how you coped with it.

A: Gave them an example of not getting into IIT even though I have been academically very strong since childhood. But not giving up and completing my engineering from a reputed college.

Qn: Why do you want to do an MBA considering the fact that you are doing really well in your job?

A: I want to do in an MBA because I want to move into e-commerce industry

Qn: But you have mentioned in your application that you want to move into real estate/banking.

A: Clarified my point and told that what I had mentioned was that my mapping experience can be leveraged to real estate and banking industries

Follow up Qn: How will you do that?

A: Gave examples of how maps and location service can be used in banking and real estate.


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