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Time Until PGP Round 3 Deadline

Young Leaders Program (YLP)

The YLP is the equivalent of Harvard 2+2, where one can apply to the ISB PGP even while in college. It's a deferred admit program where one can get an admit now and join once they have over 20 months of full-time experience. Students with an outstanding academic and extra-curricular record can apply through the 3-stage admissions process. If successful, they can take up a full-time job at an organization of their choice and on completion of 20 months of work experience, can join the ISB PGP. Candidates selected through the YLP are also mentored by ISB during this period and are given weekend contact programs every six months, even before they start with their classes at ISB. 

YLP Application Timeline
YLP Application Process

Stage 2: Essay Question :

What's the first and foremost thing you would like to improve in yourself?
How do you paln to do it?  (300 words max)


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