ISB Interview Exp. (IT) : IT Services / 2 years 3 months

This is the real ISB interview experience by a candidate who has 2 years 3 months of experience in IT services. The ISB interview was conducted on January 8, 2022. In his/her opinion, the interview was mainly focused on the application.

ISB Interview Experience - IT Industry 2 years 3 months
Interview date8th Jan 2022
Work profile2 years 3 months of experience in IT services
Re – Applicant?No
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusThe interview was very smooth. The no stress interview policy definitely stands true. Interviewers had paid attention to the details of my application and asked questions based on it mostly.

Q (Interviewer 1)– Can you elaborate on the rebranding project you were leading as mentioned in your application? How did it happen, what were the challenges, how did you tackle them?

Answer – Was answering when interviewer 2 had a follow up Q.

Follow up Q (Interviewer 2)– Tell us more about your work. In terms of the work your company does, the history, the turnover, what is the USP etc.

Answer – Answered this Q along with a follow up on revenue breakdown of the company sector wise and completed the rebranding related Q. Was asked a few follow up Qs there mostly by interviewer 2. Interviewer 1 was convinced earlier than interviewer 2.

Q (Interviewer 2) – How did you manage to achieve your sales target of 700000 USD? What were the major challenges? How did you overcome them? 

Answer – Talked about how I created potential leads and how I managed during the pandemic. Talked about the biggest disadvantage working in the SME sector and an advantage. Also explained my approach for overcoming the disadvantage.

Q (Interviewer 2)– Corroborating a fact mentioned in the LOR

Answered it. 

Q – Why product management? 

Answer – Explained how my skills and interests overlapped under PM. Talked about my journey in design. Showed examples of my inclination towards building solutions and solving problems.

Q – Why MBA? Certainly, you can be a PM without one.

Answer – Stressed on how MBA will provide me a network of industry professionals which I will not get access to without it. Talked about the skills I want to develop pertaining to my future goals and how an MBA will help me hone them. Then focused on how ISB specifically is my number one choice. 

Q – But Product managers have a lonely job. Often there is 1 PM for 5 or 10 engineers. Looking at you, you seem to be a people’s person, you seem to like being in a consumer facing role where there is a lot of interaction. How will you manage?

Answer – It was not consumer interaction but the interest in consumer psychology that drove me towards a job in sales. It is still what interests me but I want to marry the skills I picked up as a sales representative and my love for design, for building solutions and driving impact by solving problems and PM is the perfect fit for it. 

Q – You mention reading Phil Knight’s book. What is that one phrase of his that speaks to you the most?

Answer – Just do it. 

Any question you want to ask – 

  1. Given the interviewers were from non tech background working in the tech industry, I asked them about what challenges they faced not having a tech background. – They strongly believed tech skills were not needed. I also shared my philosophy on why the position of a product manager was possibly invented.
  2. Asked a question related to campus design and the value it holds to the students at ISB.

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