ISB Interview Exp. (Hi-Tech): Semi-conductor Industry / 3years 7 months

This is the real ISB interview experience of a candidate who has 3 years 7 months of work experience in Semi-conductor industry.

ISB Interview Experience - Operations Engineer - 3 years 7 months

The ISB interview was conducted on February 13, 2016. As per the candidate’s information, there were three alumni in the interview panel. In his/her opinion, the interview was mainly focused on the application essay and communication skills.

Interview Date13th February, 2016
Work ProfileOperations Engineer, Semi-conductor industry with 3 years 7 months experience
Interviewers’ ProfileP1- Alum
P2- Alum
P3- Alum
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusIt was more of a conversation. Their key focus was to judge the personality and verify whatever written in essay. The key focus was about the current job, the place you live and how much capability you have for team work. They did not focus on any generic question

Qn: Explain in detail the extraordinary achievement mentioned in Essay 1.
A: Answered but was interrupted.

Qn: Describe your profile. How were you selected in your current role?
A: Answered how I was the single candidate selected for the company in on-campus interviews in my institute. Then I answered about my job profile and how I have worked with people of various nationalities.

Qn: Tell us about the work culture difference between the Taiwanese company and Japanese company.
A: Answered.

Qn: Tell us about Taiwan. How is Taiwan Chinese different from China Chinese?
A: Was able to answer it as I learnt some Traditional Chinese in Taiwan. China Chinese is Simplified Chinese.

Qn: Why has India not able to set up a semiconductor fabrication plant?
A: Talked about challenges like government policies, unstable energy and water resources and lack of skilled labour. But also told them how through Make in India initiative, the Indian government is trying to collaborate with private companies to build a plant.

Qn: What are your post MBA goals?
I told that I want to be operations consultant post MBA.

Qn: What does an operations consultant do?
A: Answered

Qn: This role would be only in big consultancy companies like BCG, Mckinsey. Does that align with your career goals?
A: I have talked to some current students about this and also researched thoroughly about the various consultancy companies which offer this role other than big consultancy firms. Also included examples to elaborate.

Qn: How can your MBA influence the success of your projects?
A: With an MBA I could have a better-structured approach for the project. And I went little ahead and explained to them how an MBA would help me achieve my goals.

Qn: How much land is required for building a fabrication plant?
A: It depends on the product you want to build. A big product requires bigger land and smaller product requires smaller land.

Qn: Is there anything else which is not mentioned anywhere in my application?
A: Described the importance of networking.

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