With presence across 2 campuses in India, PGP is the 1-year long flagship programme of the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the top-choice for candidates and recruiters alike.

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Consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in the world by numerous independent rankings and with the backing of Kellogg School of Management & Wharton (Univ of Pennsylvania) as its founding associate schools, ISB offers the most competitive, rewarding, and sought-after global MBA equivalent program in the form of its Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management.

The ISB PGP is a 52-week, fast-paced, residential management program for professionals with at least two years of full-time work experience.

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  • Why the ISB PGP?
  • Program Overview + Updates of PGP 2.0
  • Application FAQs & Important Deadlines
  • Fees & Financial Aid

Why the ISB PGP?

In a world dominated by so many IIMs, this often comes as an obvious question and hence we will walk you through some of the most striking features of this programme –

  • Diversity: At the heart of this program lies its celebration of diversity where people of all age groups, from all walks of life and hugely diverse backgrounds come together to learn, network, and climb up the corporate ladder.  Interestingly, ISB also has to its credit almost 40% of female representation in the Class – one of the highest, globally.
Class Profile

Fun Fact: Do not be surprised to find an ex-Army Officer, Navy Commander, Civil Servant, pilot, supermodel, social influencer, copywriter, journalist, movie producer/director, gold-medalist CA or a top-selling author sitting next to you in class, amongst the many engineers, pure sciences & business graduates.

  • Network: One of the top reasons for professionals to opt for an MBA from a premium B-school is to get de-facto membership into the most exclusive alum circles. With the diversity of its batch and an alum network of 11000+, ISB has emerged as a widely respected name across industries, not to mention its alums constituting the top brass of many companies, founders of million dollar start-ups & leading multi-billion dollar family businesses.
  • Fast-paced learning: The school sure knows how to pack a punch! With a carefully crafted, highly engaging and extremely competitive 52-week program, ISB crunches the best learnings and experience of a traditional MBA – thus helping professionals get back to the corporate world faster. Some of its coolest offerings are – the Experiential Learning Programme (ELP), 30+ International Exchange Options, ISB Leadership Summit (ILS), ISB Super League (ISL), LEAD, Student Clubs, Bandhan, amongst others

Program Overview

ISB offers the PGP at both of its state-of-the-art campuses – Hyderabad & Mohali, and the philosophy of “two campuses, one school” is strictly followed in letter & spirit.

The 12-month program requires a successful completion of 32 credits to graduate across its 8 terms, where-in students were traditionally required to complete 4 credits in each of the first 4 core terms and then choose to take on between 3-5 credits in each of the remaining elective terms.

PGP 2.0

ISB was one of the first schools to tweak its model to adapt to the challenges posed by COVID-19, with its offering of PGP 2.0

PGP 2.0 can be interpreted as an upgraded version of its traditional PGP offering, with a larger focus on hybrid learning (digital + in-class).

What is different about PGP 2.0?

ISB has replaced the first term with a 10-week Digital Headstart Module or DHM, the overall course duration still being 52-weeks. DHM which would comprise the following:

  • 4 easy-paced, core courses
  • Independent research project opportunity under Faculty guidance
  • Learning and career growth events
  • O-week and LEAD

DHM will ultimately ease the on-campus experience for students, having already inducted them into 4 core foundational subjects and having given ample opportunities to interact and bond.

Application FAQs & Deadlines

ISB follows an application process similar to most international B-Schools, requirements being:

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in any discipline
  • Valid GMAT / GRE score (with no minimum cut-off score)
  • At least 24-months of full-time work experience before the commencement of the programme. Only YLP admits can join with 20 months of work-ex.
  • 2 Essays which aim to understand your background, interests, future goals and fit with ISB
  • 1 recommendation letter with a strong focus on quality of evaluation rather than seniority or designation of the evaluator
PGP application deadline
Source: ISB website

Fees & Financial Aid

The detailed ISB fee structure can be found below. The cumulative fees for the batch of 2020-21 was approximately 36 lakhs.  You could either pay the fees in one go or in installments.

ParticularsShared AccommodationStudio Accommodation
  Amount in INR
Admission Fee (non-refundable) *250,000.00250,000.00
Add: GST @ 18%45,000.0045,000.00
 (Payable at the time of accepting the offer of admission)
Tuition Fee2,350,000.002,350,000.00
Campus Accommodation278,000.00400,000.00
One-time contribution for use of ISB library & recreation center15,000.0015,000.00
Alumni Association Membership Deposit (transferable to Alumni association fund upon graduation)25,000.0025,000.00
GST @ 18% (current applicable rate)480,240.00502,200.00
Total Fees Payable (inclusive of taxes)3,443,240.003,587,200.00
Security Deposit (Interest free refundable at the end of the academic year)20,000.0020,000.00
Total Amount Payable (in INR)**3,463,240.003,607,200.00

Financial Aid

ISB has many scholarships for both Indian and international students, and all students are automatically considered for the merit-based waivers awarded at the time of admission. Eligible candidates can also apply for need-based waivers by submitting the appropriate proofs. One could also choose to apply for endowments instituted by over a dozen corporates & alumni. Applications for these are invited after the PGP admission offers are rolled out.

Students venturing into social impact start-ups, development sector or those returning to the PSU / Govt Sector post the PGP can also apply for the “Develop India Scholarship” at the time of graduation.

Because of ISB’s brand value and established stature, many reputed banks give collateral-free loans to the enrolled candidates, most popular and student-friendly banks being SBI & UBI.

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