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ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme)- Everything you need to know

ISB YLP is equivalent to Harvard 2+2, where you can apply in the pre-final or final year of graduation to get an admit to ISB PGP. Once you get an admit to the YLP program, you have to gain 20 months of full-time work experience to join the PGP program.

Are you a college student, aspiring to get an admit to the PGP (MBA) program at ISB? Do you believe you have good leadership qualities but don’t have the required work experience to join the full-time MBA program at ISB? Why wait till you gain two years of work experience to get an admit? The Young Leaders Program (YLP) at ISB is a deferred entry to the full-time MBA program.


However, you might have a few more questions like

  • Does getting an admit to YLP guarantee admission to the ISB PGP program?
  • What if I don’t acquire the required experience before the commencement of the PGP full-time program?

We have answered all these questions in this article. Here is the outline of this article:

Who can apply to the ISB YLP program? 


Students in the pre-final or final year of graduation can apply to the ISB YLP program. You will have the basic foundation through this program to join the Post Graduation Program (PGP) at ISB.

Students with a qualitative academic or extracurricular profile can apply to this program to get off the stress of waiting till they complete the required work experience for the PGP at ISB.

There is another deferred mode of entry to the PGP program which is the Early Entry Option (EEO). Let’s understand the difference between EEO and YLP modes of entry to the full-time PGP program at ISB before discussing further the YLP program.

Difference between EEO and YLP

Both YLP and EEO are gateways to enter the full time PGP program at ISB. Here is the difference between both the programs. 

Young Leaders Program (YLP)Early Entry Option (EEO)
Who can apply?College studentsRecent graduates
When can you apply?Pre-final or final year of graduationAfter graduation when you have less than 2 years of full-time work experience 
Application processThere are three stages of the application process. You have to go through all three stages to get an admit to YLP. The application process of EEO is the same as that of regular applicants of the PGP program.
Where will it take you?After you secure an admit to YLP, you have to gain 20 months of full-time work experience before the class start date of the respective PGP program at ISBAfter you secure an admit to EEO, you have to gain 24 months of full-time work experience before the class start date of the respective PGP program at ISB.

ISB YLP highlights

Here are the key highlights of the ISB YLP program

  • Early admission
  • Extended membership
  • Enhanced engagement with ISB
  • Higher career advancement

ISB YLP Acceptance rate

Through the Young Leaders Program (YLP), ISB receives between 2000-3000 applications every year, of which, up to 150 end up receiving an admit, based on the quality of profile, test score, application, and final interview. Hence, the acceptance rate of ISB YLP ranges between 5% to 7.5%.

ISB YLP 2023 Class profile


  • Class size - 843
  • Gender diversity
    • 63% male
    • 37% female
  • Average GMAT: 720
  • Average GRE: 328
Work experienceNumber of candidates
0 - 3 years211
3 - 5 years358
5 - 8 years225
8 years and above50

ISB YLP Admission process

The admission process is fairly straightforward and focuses on understanding the profile of the candidate in whole and the motivation behind applying for the course. I think getting the essays right and being honest about the essays is extremely important. YLP gets top quality applications from students with strong pedigrees and top notch profiles. I think it is a very competitive course to get admitted into specially given the limited number of seats. One really needs to be very particular about the application and seek appropriate guidance if needed

Sanchit Aggarwal, Associate Director, Flipkart, an ISB alum

The admission process of YLP happens in 3 stages and applicants are filtered at each stage.


ISB YLP Essay Analysis, check this article to know how to write an essay to apply for the YLP.

How to transition from YLP to PGP?

If you are a college student who has good leadership qualities with a strong academic or extracurricular profile, you can become a great leader with proper guidance from ISB from the early stage. Hence, the YLP is introduced which is a pathway to the full time MBA program (PGP) at ISB.

Here is the plan of action to reach the PGP from YLP

  1. Step 1: Apply to stage 1 of the Young Leaders Programme during your pre-final or final year of graduation

  2. Step 2 : Once you clear stage 1, apply to stage 2 with a decent GMAT/GRE score and the required documents

  3. Step 3: After you get through stage 2, the next step would be a face-to-face interview

  4. Step 4: Perform your best, and if your interview performance has convinced the selection panel, you will receive the offer letter

  5. Step 5: At this stage, you have to pay a non-refundable admission fee of INR 1,00,000 + GST (as applicable) and submit your acceptance within 15 days of receiving the offer

  6. Step 6: Now, you have to focus on gaining full-time work experience of a minimum of 20 months to join the MBA program at ISB (PGP)

  7. Step 7: You can connect with the PGP students, faculty, and industry leaders with the weekend learning programs offered by ISB till you join PGP

  8. Step 8: Once you have the required experience and are ready, you can join PGP

Application and Interview Assistance

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Now, this may make you wonder, what happens if you couldn't gain the mandatory experience before the commencement of PGP? Scroll down to know about the conditions to enroll in the PGP program through YLP. 

Before that let's see a case study where Sanchit Aggarwal, Associate Director, Flipkart, an alumni of ISB shares his experience of the journey from YLP to PGP.

Case study : Sanchit’s journey from YLP to PGP

“My journey from YLP to PGP was very smooth because of the way the YLP program is designed by ISB. ISB conducts 4 learning weekends spread over 2 years across both campuses, where actual ISB professors teach you relevant subjects like leadership, managing change, finance, statistics etc. These weekends also offer a great chance to interact with the current class, ISB professors, YLP cohort and gives a clear picture about what to expect at ISB. 
This helped me a lot as I got a head start visavis the PGP class, got clarity on what I should do at ISB and post ISB. Apart from these learning weekends, ISB helped connect me to other YLP alums and ISB alums working in the areas I aspired to work in. This actually helped me start preparing for these roles, sectors etc well in advance.”


The fees structure at ISB is high compared to the other B-schools in India. However, the international standard of education compensates for the high package. 

After you receive the offer letter to the YLP program, you need to pay a non-refundable admission fee of INR 1,00,000 + tax along with the acceptance of the offer. 

When you enroll in the PGP program this is the fee you need to pay for shared and studio accommodation in one installment. 

ParticularsShared AccommodationStudio Accommodation
Admission Fee 250,000.00250,000.00
GST @ 18%45,000.0045,000.00
Total (Payable at the time of accepting the offer of admission)295,000.00295,000.00
Tuition Fee2,350,000.002,350,000.00
Campus Accommodation278,000.00400,000.00
One time contribution for use of ISB library & recreation center15,000.0015,000.00
Alumni Association Membership Deposit (transferable to Alumni association fund upon graduation)25,000.0025,000.00
GST @ 18% 480,240.00502,200.00
Total Fees Payable (inclusive of taxes)3,443,240.003,587,200.00
Security Deposit (Interest-free refundable at the end of the academic year)20,000.0020,000.00
Total Amount Payable (INR)3,463,240.003,607,200.00

You can also pay the fees in two installments with an interest of 6%.

ISB YLP Scholarship

The scholarship for the YLP admits is the same as the ISB PGP regular applicants. All applicants by default will be considered for merit scholarships offered at ISB. There is no separate essay needed unless you are interested in applying for a tuition waiver. ISB PGP Scholarships, in this article you can find more details about scholarships offered at ISB.

ISB YLP Application fee

You have to pay the full application fees of INR 3,000 when you submit the application form at stage 1 and it is non-refundable. You can pay the application fee in any currency but the amount obtained by the school should be INR 3000.

ISB YLP Application deadlines (2022 - 2023)

You have to submit the application for stage 1, wait for the result, and then apply to stage 2 if you have been shortlisted. Here are the key dates for application deadlines and results for each stage of the YLP program. Bookmark this page to check the latest update of deadlines.

ISB YLP admissionDeadlineResult
STAGE 1October 15, 202210th December 2022 on a rolling basis
STAGE 2August 31, 202315th September - 30th November 2023 on a rolling basis
STAGE 3 15th September - 30th November 2023 on a rolling basis
Final resultRolling offers till the second week of December 2023

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ISB YLP Advantages

The Young Leaders Program (YLP) lays the perfect foundation for young, bright minds. It gives you the liberty to explore the industry or profession of your choice or even dabble in the possibility of their own start-up while enjoying the security of an ISB MBA program.

Let's discuss in detail the advantages of applying to YLP

  • Enviable learning weekends : Once you are selected in the YLP program, you will be invited to the learning programs on the weekend at either one of the ISB campuses - Hyderabad and Mohali. 
  • Tri-SEP : It is a unique three-week entrepreneurial exchange and immersion program for YLPs, where you will be exposed to a real-world experience of start-up markets in 3 booming economies of Asia.
  • Guidance, Mentorship & Unimaginable Networking : You will get an opportunity to connect with the current students and faculties of ISB PGP.
  • Skill-building and development : You also get to develop your skills through a mix of on-campus and online learning modules before the eventual integration with the flagship ISB PGP.
    The modules focus on enhancing leadership abilities, exposure to diverse career options, personality and career assessment, strengthening communication, relationship management and presentation skills.
  • Early birds catch the worm : Though opportunities offered to all candidates during the PGP are the same, you will have an early bird edge both in experience and CTC as compared to others.

How to apply to the ISB YLP program?

Here is what Prashant Tibrewal, Founder and Mentor at ISBmantra says about the application process,

”The YLP application is split into three stages, with the first two stages requiring essays to be submitted. For applicants to the Young Leaders Program (YLP), there are three primary challenges to overcome, while developing their essays:

  • To present a rich profile even without full-time experience (vis-a-vis applicants to the PGP)
  • To present career plans and the need for an MBA, even before one has started their career
  • To present a holistic profile with components of leadership, teamwork, and academic potential

These are easier said than done when you are still in college. Our team of Former Admissions Officers from ISB have put together some important pieces of advice, along with detailed tips on writing the YLP Essays.”



Here is a detailed explanation of each stage of the YLP application process.

  • Stage 1: Login and fill the application form at the ISB portal, pay the application fee, and submit the application. 

Here is the list of details you will be entering in the application form,

  1. Application details
  2. Personal details
  3. Contact details
  4. Education details
    • Class X
    • Class XII
    • Undergraduate Education / Integrated Program / Postgraduate Education (as applicable)
  5. Awards and activities
  6. One Essay (check this article for YLP essay analysis and sample structure - YLP Essay Analysis)
  7. Application submission
    • Declaration
    • Statement of integrity
    • Application fee

You can also check the list of details in the snapshot,

  • Stage 2: Once cleared, apply to stage 2 with a GMAT/GRE score card, an essay and one recommendation letter. 

Here are the codes to send the GMAT/GRE score to ISB

  • For GMAT: N2D-J5-01: Young Leaders Program
  • For GRE: 7891

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  • Stage 3: After you clear stage 2, the next step would be a face to face interview. 

If you are shortlisted, you will receive the offer for admission. You have to pay an admission fee of INR 1,00,000 + GST (as applicable) and also accept their offer online within 15 days of receiving the offer letter.

What is ISB looking for in the YLP applicants?

The Young Leaders Program is a foundation program designed for high-potential college students to secure admission to ISB’s flagship PGP program. Over and above academic excellence, candidates are assessed on their personality (Personal strengths and attributes), leadership skills and the world view. Because the students through this foundation program are securing admission to ISB’s flagship program, selection criteria mirror the PGP selection criteria.

Vikram Singh, CEO & Chief Mentor at ISBmantra, Former Manager, Admissions & Financial Aid at ISB says

Applicants are holistically evaluated in the following parameters:

  1.  Academic Credentials: The application keenly evaluates your ability to cope with the rigor of the program through your past academic performance of 10th , 12th and semester marks till pre-final/final year in stage 1 followed by the GMAT/GRE score in stage 2. However, no cut off criteria is applied either for academic score or the GMAT/GRE score.
  1.  Leadership Potential: Applicants are evaluated on the basis of the impact they have made in their personal life. This aspect is assessed through the initiatives that the applicant may have taken, the responsibilities handled. The one professional evaluation (i.e., recommendation) which forms an important part of the application also helps in gauging the leadership potential of the applicant.
  1.  Personal Attributes: ISB, looks for versatile and well-rounded individuals who have/can contribute to society in positive and meaningful ways. People who can bring different perspectives to the class and appreciate different points of view. Extracurricular activities and interests beyond academic life give ISB an insight into your personal qualities.

Conditions to enroll to the PGP full time MBA program at ISB through YLP

Getting an admit to the YLP program confirms an admit to the PGP full time program at ISB based on the following conditions

  1. You should complete the course you are pursuing at the time of applying to the YLP program the same year or the next year after submitting the application.
  2. Gain 20 months of full-time work experience before 31st March of the respective year of enrolling to the PGP after getting an admit to the YLP.
  3. You have to submit the academic or experience certificate or any other information requested by the Admissions and Financial Aid department of ISB within the specified timeline.
  4. Once you are enrolled, ISB verifies your details through an independent verification agency.
  5. You also need to submit the following documents at the time of enrolling in the PGP.
    • Original academic and extracurricular certificates
    • Proof of identity ( Aadhar card / Passport / Driving license / Voter ID)
    • Visa if applicable

For more details on the enrollment process check this article, ISB PGP full-time MBA program.

Remember, the admission committee of ISB can prohibit you from enrolling in the PGP class, if the duration or quality of work experience is not satisfactory or if you provide any false information in the application.

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ISB YLP Placements

You will have one-on-one interaction sessions with alums from various industries during the first term, followed by resume review workshops in further terms. You will also have mock interviews by alums as you near placements. All around the year you will have industry overview, career building, resume building, LinkedIn profile building workshops conducted by the Learning and Development (L&D) team at SEAL. 

You will have an integrated placement process for the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. The placement process happens for four months at ISB. It starts with on-campus presentations and job postings. You will get the opportunity to learn about national and international recruiting companies.

Here are the key highlights of the ISB PGP 2022 placement.


To know more about the number of companies registered and the number of offers received for various classes at ISB. Take a look at this table.


ISB YLP Success Story

Nandini Pankaj, who has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi shares her experience of applying to the ISB YLP. She explains how she prepared for the YLP interview which accomplished her dream of joining ISB.

In this video, Nandini and Vikram Singh, CEO & Chief mentor, ISBmantra discuss the advantages of applying to the ISB YLP program, YLP application strategy, YLP interview experience, and career plan before joining ISB.

ISB YLP Success Story - Check this article to know how Nandini strategized her ISB YLP application and interview.


What is the range of applications ISB receives every year for YLP?

Through the Young Leaders Program (YLP), ISB receives between 2000-3000 applications every year, of which, up to 150 end up receiving an admit, based on the quality of one's profile, test score, application, and final interview.

Do you need work experience to apply for the YLP ISB program?

No, YLP is a deferred program for college students in the pre-final and final year of graduation to secure an admit to the full-time MBA program (PGP) at ISB.

How difficult is it to get into the YLP ISB program?

YLP is one of the most difficult entry channels to ISB, primarily because the core idea behind the program is to identify extraordinary candidates early on. The school, therefore, isn't looking to fill its seats through the YLP, but to ensure that final and pre-final year students, who have done exceptionally well in their academic career and have demonstrated some key skills, are given a chance to secure an early admit and focus on their career.

What is a decent GMAT & GRE score to get into YLP ISB?

Given that the YLP entry channel is more competitive than the direct application to the PGP, the test score remains an important parameter for the final selection. Successful YLP admits typically present a GMAT score of 720+ or a GRE score of 328+.

While these are scores that can give an applicant an edge over the competition, at ISBmantra we have several applicants who have received admits with scores much lower than this, primarily because they had a diverse/strong profile, well-developed application, and a high interview score.

What is the difference between YLP and EEO at ISB?

Both YLP and EEO are gateways to enter the full-time PGP program at ISB. Here is the difference between both the programs. 

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