The only article you need to read before deciding to apply for ISB’s Young Leaders Programme. We bring you a sneak peek into the life, many advantages, important deadlines and more.

Program Overview

Young Leader’s Programme, like the name signifies, was crafted to be a launchpad to ISB PGP for high-potential undergraduate/post-graduate students. It allows them to secure a deferred admit to ISB while still in the final or pre-final year, by showcasing a strong academic record, impressive extra-curricular, informed worldview and a valid GMAT score.

This, almost too-good-to-be-true offering, lays the perfect foundation for young, bright minds. It brings them the liberty to explore industry/profession of their choice or even dabble in the possibility of their own start-up while enjoying the security of an ISB MBA post completion of minimum 20 months of full-time work experience.

The YLP Advantage

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Similar to Harvard’s 2+2 in many ways, the program understandably brings a multi-pronged advantage, along with healthy tongue-in-cheek leg pulling for YLPs (as they are fondly called on campus) –

  • Enviable learning weekends
    Selected candidates get a 2-year head start to their PGP journey, during which they are invited to experience the campus offerings via multiple YLP weekends. These weekend contact programs are organized every 6 months at either of the two spectacular ISB campuses – Hyderabad and Mohali. The students are not only mentored and inducted by professors but also get a golden opportunity to network with the current class on campus.
  • Tri-SEP
    Tri-SEP is a unique three-week entrepreneurial exchange and immersion program for YLPs, where they are exposed to a real-world experience of start-up markets in 3 booming economies of Asia. Asia has undoubtedly emerged as the epicenter of business innovation and opportunities globally, and Tri-SEP is in alignment with the larger ISB goal of grooming future leaders who understand developing economies but also bring a global perspective.
  • Guidance, Mentorship & Unimaginable Networking
    The learning & mentorship sessions guide these candidates to successfully plan how to invest their time during those two years to make the most of their post MBA-goals. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with current students and professors help them gain constant inputs & feedback from best minds of each industry
  • Skill-building and development
    YLPs also get to pick up a host of exciting skills through a mix of on-campus and online learning modules before the eventual integration with the flagship ISB PGP. The modules focus on enhancing leadership abilities, exposure to diverse career options, personality and career assessment, strengthening communication, relationship management and presentation skills.
  • Early birds catch the worm
    In a class where average work-ex is  ~4.5 years, YLPs get to bask in the glory of an ISB MBA very early in their professional journey. And even though opportunities offered to all candidates during the PGP are same, YLPs sure have an early bird edge both in experience and CTC as compared to their peers
  • Exclusive YLP-PGP scholarships
    Yep, you read it right! ISB offers exclusive YLP scholarships – another positive for YLP candidates.
  • Familiarity and Bonding
    As the rest of the PGP class struggles to acquaint themselves with the campus and make friends in first few weeks, YLP bonding often comes up as a topic of envy. Take our word for it when we say YLPs come all prepared for the journey, know the best hotspots of campus and emerge thick as thieves from their multiple learning weekends.

Application Process & Deadlines

The application process is as easy as one, two, three –

  • Stage 1 (Detailed application form and an essay)
  • Stage 2 (GMAT / GRE score, two essays & One Evaluation)
  • Stage 3 (Personal interview)
Stage 1Application Form
1 Essay                   
Application Fee
Submission Deadline: Mar 25, 2020
Results: May 05, 2020
Stage 2GMAT/GRE Score
2 Essays
1 Evaluation
Submission Deadline: Aug 31, 2020                                   
Interview: Sept 15, 2020
Stage 3InterviewStage 3 Interview: Nov 10, 2020
Results: Nov 15, 2020

One of the most striking offerings of ISB, the Young Leaders Programme (YLP) truly aims to ‘catch them young’!

Excited much? So are we!

Watch the ISB YLP experience of Twinkle Uppal
Source: ISB YouTube channel


  1. What is ISB YLP eligibility criteria?
    Pre-final or final year, Bachelor’s or Master’s students (with no full-time work-ex) can apply in Stage 1 by March of every year.
  2. When do the YLP admits join the ISB PGP?
    YLP admits can join the PGP with a minimum of 20 months of work-experience within 2 years of graduation or defer the admit to the following year.
  3. Is there a difference in the graduation certificate awarded or career opportunities available to YLP admits to the PGP?  
    Once they join the PGP, YLP admits to get fully integrated with the PGP cohort & have access to the same support & resources from the school, and graduate with the same qualifications.

Shortlisted for the YLP 2020 Stage 2? Read our detailed analysis of the Stage 2 essay here.

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