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ISB PGPMAX – A Unique Executive MBA Program

D J Mathews – Director/Pepsico, ISB PGPMAX alumnus class of 2017 said “PGPMAX is a perfect blend of a course which helps professionals grow into leaders.”

Leadership is not always playing the front role. Sometimes you have to take a step back to develop a vision. Leaders can see what others cannot. The ISB PGPMAX is one of the MBA programs that will guide you to manage your leadership skills and evolve as an effective leader.

ISB PGPMAX is a unique executive MBA program for senior executives who are already well-established in their industry but want to gain in-depth knowledge of current industry trends. It is designed in a way to boost your skills with minimal work disruption.

If you are someone who is looking to enhance your leadership skills and have 10+ years of work experience, reading this article will give you more clarity about the program. 


We have discussed everything you need to know about the unique executive MBA program – ISB PGPMAX. Let’s begin by understanding what is ISB PGPMAX.


Program Highlights for ISB PGPMAX:

  1. Target Audience: Executives and business owners with 15+ years of work experience.
  2. Duration: 15 Months.
  3. Locations: Hyderabad and Mohali.
  4. Format: Modular Programme with minimal work disruption.
  5. Degree: Executive MBA-equivalent degree.
  6. Objective: Enhance and broaden existing skills, offer exposure to the latest industry developments, and prepare for greater responsibilities.
  7. Program Structure:
    • 12 Campus Residency Weeks: Intensive on-campus learning sessions.
    • 2 International Immersions: Gain global perspectives through immersive experiences.
  8. Credits: 24 credits.
  9. Contact Hours: 508 hours of interactive learning sessions.
  10. Alumni Network: Join over 15,000 members in the PGP Suite Alumni Network for networking and collaboration opportunities.

The ISB PGPMAX is an executive MBA program for senior executives, business managers, and entrepreneurs with 10 to 25 years of work experience. The primary objective of the program is to develop global leaders with analytic and strategic skills that are essential in the ever-evolving business world. 

ISB PGPMAX is the only EMBA equivalent program from India to be ranked in The Economist’s Executive MBA ranking. It is designed in a way to earn an MBA with minimal work disruption. This program will help you improve your existing skills, and provide exposure to the latest industry trends which will give you the confidence to take up greater responsibilities in your professional life.

Now that you have an idea of what the program is, let’s discuss why you should take up this program and how it is going to help you in the next leap of your career.


Here is the list of features that make the ISB PGPMAX a unique executive MBA program:

  • Cutting edge curriculum 
  • Top global faculty
  • Exceptional peer group learning
  • Two international immersions
  • Classroom based learning with minimal work disruption
  • Membership in Executive MBA Council

Advantages of ISB PGPMAX

  • Value addition to your personal brand
  • Lifelong access to connections across organizations and regions
  • Opportunity to implement and analyze your learnings immediately
  • Knowledge of global business ecosystem

ISB PGPMAX – Program highlights

  • Global EMBA ranking – #44
  • Program duration – 15 months
  • Contact Hours – 508
  • In campus residency weeks – 12 
  • Program delivery location – 2
  • Courses – 24
  • Alumni network – 12500+

ISB PGPMAX – Duration of the program

The ISB PGPMAX is conducted for 15 months.

The program usually starts in August and ends next year in November.

You will have classroom sessions for one week after every 5 weeks at the Hyderabad or Mohali campus. There will be 10 modules in India and two modules in International immersions.

ISB PGPMAX – Program Calendar

Here is the program calendar for ISB PGPMAX 2045-2025. These dates are subject to change. Hence, bookmark it for future reference.

Date and MonthYear
Orientation August 22024
TermsAugust 3-9
September 9-15
October 19-25
December 7-13
TermsJanuary 18-24
March 1-7
May 31- June 6
Exams (Exams are conducted online and one week after a term ends)November 2-3
December 21-22
August 30 – September 5
Oct 11-17
Nov 22-28
Exams (Exams are conducted online and one week after a term ends)February 1-2
May 3-4
July 26-27
Sep 13-14
Oct 25-26
Dec 6-7

ISB PGPMAX – Program location

Hyderabad campus : Indian School of Business, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500 111

Mohali campus : Indian School of Business , Knowledge City, Sector 81, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Punjab – 140 306

ISB PGPMAX – Contact details

Phone : 040-71327428

Email : [email protected]

ISB PGPMAX – Class Profile

  • Average work experience – 16 years
  • Average age – 40
  • Industries represented – 10+

Functional distribution of PGPMAX class

  • Marketing/Sales - 37.5%
  • IT Consulting - 19.3%
  • Operations - 14.8%
  • Finance - 6.8%
  • General Management - 6.8%
  • Accounting - 3%
  • Consulting - 3%
  • Others - 7%     

ISB PGPMAX - Fees and scholarship

The ISB PGPMAX fee for the academic year 2024-25 is ₹ ​41,78,000 plus GST(18%). Here is the breakdown of the fee structure:

Admission Fee3,00,000
GST (@18%)54,000
Total Admission Fee (A)3,54,000
Tuition Fee38,78,000
Accommodation Fee 
Sub Total38,78,000
GST (@18%)6,98,040
Sub Total38,78,000
Security Deposit20,000
Total (Incl GST) (B)45,96,040
Grand Total (A+B)49,50,040
Additional (Optional) 
Alumni Association Membership25,000
GST (@18%)4,500
Total Additional (Optional)29,500

The program fees include the accommodation charges during the residential stay for classroom sessions and international immersion but it does not include the travel charges and other miscellaneous charges.

There are a limited number of merit-based scholarships available for the PGPMAX candidates. These scholarships cover up to 20% to 35% of the tuition fees. You can apply for the scholarship if you satisfy the following criteria:

  • Community minded and socially responsible
  • Strong professional profile with a track of achievements
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Potential for exceptional performance and impact
  • Potential to become an excellent ISB ambassador
  • Spouse of a PGPMAX alumni
  • Women leaders mainly who are working in public sector

Who can apply to the ISB PGPMAX?

To apply to the ISB PGPMAX you should have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification in any discipline and you must possess a minimum of 15 years of full-time work experience post your bachelor’s degree as of the program start date.

No test score is required. However, you need a letter of consent from your current employer to pursue the program.

Get a free profile evaluation now from former ISB Admission Officers. We also help through the application process and interview preparation services.

Here are the key components which ISB looks for in the applicants.

  1. Well balanced and mature
  2. Self-motivated and passionate about learning
  3. Have a global outlook and mindset
  4. Possess high ethical standards
  5. Display leadership potential

Application deadline

Round 1Round 2
PGPMAXSeptember 10, 2023 (Confirmed)January 22,2024 (Tentative)

Application fee

Application fee including taxes (in INR) 
Round 110,000
Round 215,000

Application process

You need to fill and submit the ISB PGPMAX application online. Make sure you fill all the details correctly. Focus on your current roles, responsibilities, and professional achievements.

Click here to apply for the ISB PGPMAX.

You need to scan and submit the following documents along with your application

  • Updated resume/ CV
  • Color photograph
  • Bachelor’s degree mark sheet of all semesters
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of income
  • Consent letter from your current employer (this can be submitted later as well along with the acceptance of admission offer)
  • Business card
  • Two professional references (they have to provide online evaluation as per the prescribed format in the application)
  • Organizational chart

ISB PGPMAX Application and Interview Services

We at ISBmantra with a team of former ISB admissions officers and 25 + alums can guide you through the application and interview process.

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ISB PGPMAX - Admission events

You can attend the admission events conducted by ISB to understand about the program and admission process. These events also give you clarity on the benefits and objectives of the ISB PGPMAX.

Here is the list of admission events conducted by ISB. Bookmark this page for updated information about the ISB PGPMAX admission events.

2024 calendar to be updated.

Q&A with Admission TeamFeb 11, 20235 - 6 pm
PGPMAX Q&A with Admission TeamFeb 16, 20236 - 7 pm
Info SessionFeb 18, 20235 - 6:30 pm
Q&A with Admission TeamFeb 23, 20236 - 7 pm
PGPMAX Student DiariesFeb 25, 20235 - 6:30 pm
PGPMAX Q&A with Admission TeamMar 02, 20236 - 7 pm
The CEO StoryMar 04, 20235 - 6:30 pm
Q&A with Admission TeamMar 09, 20236 - 7 pm
PGPMAX Application WorkshopMar 11, 202311 am - 12:30 pm
PGPMAX Application WorkshopMar 12, 202311 am - 12:30 pm
PGPMAX Application WorkshopMar 18, 202311 am - 12:30 pm

You can also visit the campus to understand the curriculum, teaching methodology, interact with the team members of the program and analyze the relevance of the program in your current career stage. 

Here is the day and time you can visit the campuses

ISB CampusDateTime
HyderabadFourth Saturday of every month3 - 5 pm
MohaliFourth saturday of every month3 - 5 pm

ISB PGPMAX - Placement

ISB does not provide placement to the PGPMAX candidates. The learning and development (L&D) team of ISB helps you achieve your career goals and provides personalized customer service to develop your career. Here is the list of services provided by the L&D team:

  • Personalized coaching by the ISB alumni
  • Workshops to train you on job search skills
  • Enhance your relationship with alumni and corporate recruiters
  • Training sessions to inspire job seekers

You will also have lifetime access to career resources that will support your long term career goals.



The ISB PGPMAX is an executive MBA program for senior executives, business managers, and entrepreneurs with 10 to 25 years of work experience.

What is the cost of ISB PGPMAX?

The ISB PGPMAX program fees for the academic year 2022-2023 is INR 39,63,000 plus GST(18%).

Is PGPMAX from ISB worth it?

The PGPMAX is designed especially for experienced working professionals who are not able to undertake full-time MBA programs due to busy work life. The program allows professionals to gain strategic insights and enhance their decision-making skills as well as leadership skills focusing on knowledge and skills enhancement and their application leading to the success of individuals and organizations.

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