The one week-long induction period for Indian School of Business’ flagship PGP is a celebration and coming together of the best minds of this country

Exhilarating, Enthralling and Exhausting!

Only three of the hundred words one would use to describe the ISB O-Week experience. This creatively crafted, high energy week lays the perfect foundation to rest of the year for PGP candidates, with a healthy mix of induction sessions, team building & bonding exercises and parties – LOTS OF PARTIES!


ISB is a completely student driven school with the student body having complete autonomy + responsibility to make of the year what they may. As it is a one-year program, there is no teething period or time for junior-senior interaction, which is exactly where the O-week comes in. This week acts as a way for the previous class to pass the baton and along with it, a lot of knowledge and fun memories to incoming class.


Expect the unexpected!

Cliché apart, here is capturing some of the most important and interesting bits of the week –

Day 01

Students and their families are welcomed to campus, and as they take in the magnificent view and lush greenery, housekeeping staff helps check them into student quads. Students then rush to complete their registration process, where they are greeted with warm smiles and quick ice-breaking initiatives by senior alums manning the booths. This is then followed by a welcome address from Dean, a welcome dinner and game night / theme party. With the simplicity of first day, students seldom fathom the craziness that await them next

Day 02 & Day 03

The second day marks the beginning of a blitzkrieg of activities. While the days are spent attending info-sessions by different administrative bodies and physically intensive, amusing team-building exercises, the evening is spent enjoying an enthralling unplugged event by alums featuring music, drama, stand-up and more! Day 03 usually sees one of the best o-week activities called treasure hunt, which is ISB’s novel way of giving newcomers a tour of the sprawling campus. Incoming students also get to try their hand at the most popular sport at ISB – no, not cricket, not football – it’s an ultimate frisbee, a unique and extremely celebrated part of the ISB culture!

Trivia: A couple of ISB alums have represented India at international flying disc world championships.

Source: @isbco2020

Day 04 & Day 05

By this time students have already been segregated into 8 sections and been passed upon the section gyaan – informal induction sessions by alums updating the incoming batch about their section spirit animal, unique traditions, section identity and bonding! This then paves way for Section Wars, where sort of a section jingoism is channeled to prove your section as the best and most talented. Section wars witness an extremely competitive but massively fun student participation and by end of the week creates a strong sense of belongingness amongst students

Day 06

Being the highly competitive school that ISB is, section wars are topped with SV wars where the four student villages (ISB’s version of student hostels) fight with each other to throw the coolest party of O-week – ultimately allowing students to bond with their quaddies (roommates in ISB lingo) and future neighbours. Day 05 and Day 06 also comprise of presentations delivered by ex-presidents and core members of 25+ clubs at ISB, hence walking the new batch through the specificities of each group, membership process and overall benefits. This plays an important role in helping students decide which club(s) would best complement their academic and career aspirations.

Source: @isbco2020

Day 07 & Day 08

Be ready to end the madness of week with sundowners, the very famous traffic lights party and of course the Talent Night! Talent night is possibly the biggest and most prepped for event of orientation week, with each of the eight sections at ISB giving musical performances, skits and a medley of other talents based on a unique theme. Alums from the previous batch add scores from the rest of section war competitions with the scoring of Talent Night to announce the ultimate winner – the section which walks home with o-week braggin’ rights!


When faced with the unprecedented challenge of first few weeks of PGP going digital for the batch of class of 2021, the most innovative minds of class of 2020 came together to plan the most creative, fun and memorable o-week in the history of ISB. Zoom parties, virtual bar hops, digital version of shark tank, drinking games, virtual talent night, simulation marketing games, treasure hunt – you name it and co2020 made it happen!

COVID may have taken away the physical interaction, but it only bolstered the ISB spirit!

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