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IT Consulting II / 5 years

Interview Date

22nd Oct, 2016

Work Profile

Banking sales/2.5 yes  

IT consulting/2 yrs

Current Job – SAP Consultant



Interviewers’ Profile

P1 – ISB Admin

P2 – Alum

P3 – Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

1 member of the panel was very aggressive, who rebutted almost every point made. The 2nd was very calm, and would listen to every point and nod in agreement. So I think it was basically a good cop/bad cap approach. The third member was a silent observer.


Qn: We have gone through your profile. Let us directly address the elephant in the room. Why 2nd MBA?

A: I had done my earlier MBA without any work experience and the purpose of that MBA was to get into business related roles, which I did. I have got results that I wanted from the 1st MBA. However a lot has changed in the last 5 years. After working in IT consulting for last 2 years, I now want to move into a bigger consulting role. In a consulting role, I think it is very necessary to look at a business problem from different perspectives and to come up with an innovative solution. In a school like ISB where students come from diverse backgrounds and with diverse work experience, I will get an opportunity to develop this different perspective, and with the global curriculum that ISB offers, I will develop a global view and approach that I think is very important.

Followup Qn:  Things will always keep on changing, I have done my MBA 7 years back, do you mean to say, I will need another MBA?

A:  Yes. I agree. Things will keep changing. We will always come up with innovative ways of doing business and we need to keep ourselves updated, MBA is just one way of doing that. I currently keep myself updated with the latest technologies by doing certain certifications. But to move to a consulting company and to work with the likes of Bain & AT Kearny, I think an MBA at this point of time is very necessary for me.

Qn: I think you want to do an MBA from ISB just for a better job and a better salary.

A: No. That’s not the case. My focus has always been to acquire the skills required for business. First 2 years of my career were in banking industry where I understood the nuances of sales and I got an experience of handling a team and I had a good career progression. But my long term goal was to get into consulting. I made a switch to IT consulting. I would not have made this switch if I was merely looking for a salary increase. The same is the case with doing an MBA now. The idea is to acquire skills necessary for my career in consulting.

Qn: You already have an MBA and have worked in the wealth management sector, I want you to discuss the total wealth management market in India, the players and the market sectors. You can use the white board.

A: Answered.

Qn: What would you do in the next 1 year in ISB to get close to your goal of consulting?

A: I would make complete use of clubs like the Consulting club and Business technology clubs. I would also try to gain from the unique ELP program offered by ISB.

Qn: Do you have any questions for us?

A: No. Thank you for the opportunity.


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