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Time Until PGPpro Final round Deadline (28 May 2023) *Delhi & Hyderabad

IT Consulting I / 1 year 8 months

Interview Date

21st February, 2016

Work Profile

IT Consulting, Cisco Systems, 1 year 8 months of Work Ex



Interviewers’ Profile

P1- Alum

P2- Alum

P3- Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

Conversation based approach, lots of cross questioning on my essays to verify whatever I had mentioned, focus on clarity and vision as well stress handling.


Qn: Tell us about the last nightmare you had?

A:  I had a nightmare a couple of weeks ago, I saw that I didn’t get an interview call for ISB.

Qn: You mentioned you had applied for YLP as well, what has changed in your application since?

A:  There were a few things that went against me the last time I applied, I didn’t have as much clarity on why I wanted the ISB MBA…I have matured as an individual, gained some quality work experience and improved upon my GMAT score too.

Follow-up Qn: Why ISB ?

A:  There were a few core factors that helped me select ISb as a potential choice for my  MBA…The focus on entrepreneurial initiatives like start up first also helped me make my decision. ROI was also a major factor.

Qn: You plan to be an entrepreneur eventually, tell us about your plan ?

A: I’d like to learn the ropes right after ISB by getting into a product management /development role in a young company and gaining some insight and cross functional experience . I have plans of delving into the domain of IoT and coming up with a product on those lines.

Follow-up Qn: Have you thought of any product, give us a brief market analysis.

A: Talked about my product and gave a market analysis and revenue projection.

Follow-up Qn: What would be some companies you look forward to work for after ISB, to gain the insight ?

A: Answered

Qn: Your essay talks about your passion for music, tell us more about it?

A: I talked about my band in college and the places we used to perform at.

Follow-up Qn: Why not do something in music itself ?

A: Talked about how I have previously played professionally and developed an aversion of playing under pressure rather than just a hobby. Also talked about how my prime focus was technology now.

Qn: Your essays sound so bright but talking to you in person isn’t as we expected?

A: I told them I was great at creative content writing and if I could match my written ability to my spoken I’d be the happiest person alive. Also added I had 3 months to rework my essays and right now am speaking impromptu, that might be a reason too.

Qn: Tell me the third line of the 2nd paragraph of your 2nd essay ?

A: I pointed out the exact context and they were pretty impressed.


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