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Time Until PGPpro Final round Deadline (28 May 2023) *Delhi & Hyderabad

IT Consulting III / 6 years 2 months

Interview Date

10th Feb, 2019

Work Profile

Affluent Global Services | Accenture | TCS



Interviewers’ Profile

P1 – Alum

P2 – Alum

P3 – Faculty/Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

It was a friendly discussion. They didn’t ask any general questions like Why MBA, Why You? They didn’t even touch on my extra-curricular skills. It was a 40-45-minute discussion on majorly my professional life.

Suggestions and Preparation Tips for Prospective Students

I would simply say be very prepared with your application. It is very unlikely that the panel will ask you anything out of the blue.


Qn: Take us through your profile

A: I started with my whereabouts and progressed to my career goals and my aspirations. I also showcased my extracurricular skills on which they asked me on which level have I played.

Qn: Why did you leave Accenture as it could have given you better exposure for Product Management?

A: I answered:

  • It will take longer for me to take the product manager role in Accenture since it has many prerequisites before taking up any role.
  • The company where I am working right now gave me a role (Solution Architecture) which was my short term goal and a way to get closer to my long term goal.

Note: The interviewers seemed convinced on my first point.

Follow-up Qn: Why do you want to become a Product Manager?

A: I demonstrated some of the scenarios in my career where I ended up developing new products that were used across my organizations. I gave three examples of the same. And I showed my desire to take the skills that I have to a product manager level.

Follow-up Qn: What’s the work of a product manager?

A: Answered it well.

Follow-up Qn: How much revenue did I make/save after delivering my products?

A: I answered by saying that I saved many team’s efforts (Justified this) but I did not give them any numbers on the same.

Qn: Where do you see a loophole in India where technology can play a part?

A: In the healthcare department, I gave them an example of Ayushman Bharat scheme and how it could be driven with the help of a centrally hosted electronic media. Had a very detailed discussion on this for about 15-20 minutes.

Follow-up Qn: How would you launch and market the product where there is no infrastructure (He was talking about my home town - Raipur)?

A: I said there are many strategies that would include, but are not restricted to, agents, free medical campaigns with the help of a trusted hospital. At last he said that we don’t expect you to give a full proof solution, but you have some idea on it.

Qn: They asked about my project and my IOA team in Accenture.

A: I answered in detail. There were a lot of technical questions too.

Qn: The interviewer asked me if I had any conflicts with any of my team member.

A: I took some time for it on which he said its ok if you didn’t have any. I said I am trying to recollect the most influential one. I explained them a scenario on how I had a conflict with my project manager for a technical implementation feasibility. On which they gave me a task that I should not use any technical word in explaining the conflict to them


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