ISB Interview Exp. (Consulting) : Brand Consulting Firm / 3 years 2 months

This is a real ISB interview experience of a candidate who has 3 years 2 months experience in Brand Consulting. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from Jai Hind College, Mumbai and a GMAT score of 700.

ISB Interview Experience - Brand Consultant - 3 years 2 months

The ISB interview was conducted on February 6, 2022. As per the candidate’s information, there were two alumni from the 2004 and 2007 batch in the interview panel. In her/his opinion, the interview was mainly focused on college experience, work experience, and hobbies. 

Interview date6 Feb 2022
Work profile3 years 2 months experience in Consulting
Re – Applicant?No
Interviewer’s ProfileP1: Alum from 2004 batch P2: Alum from 2007 batch 
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusThey followed a fairly linear approach that flowed from my college experiences to my work experiences and finally my hobbies. Their demeanor was relaxed. One panelist was attentive while the other panelist was disengaged and looking away. There was a major internet disruption in my interview so they offered to reschedule but then the internet started working properly. 
Suggestions and Preparation Tips for Prospective StudentsKnow your application well as most panelists are trying to get a gist of whether your application aligns with who you are as a personTry to summarize your answers especially since of the panelists will be disengaged Take a deep breath before the interview – this will help you center yourself Finally, be confident about all the material you have put in your application – as your nervousness will show 

Q1: You seem like you have a keen interest in academic research from your profile. Talk to us about that. 

Ans: I spoke about my college experience with academic research. I tried to write the answer in a storytelling format to make it engaging and interesting. In the end I summarized my answer as the second panelist was more disengaged and looking away from the screen. 

Followup Q: What were your key learnings from the world of academic research?

Ans: I said learning how to receive constructive feedback and collaboration are the biggest learnings I have. 

Followup Q: Name one incident where you received constructive feedback? How did you deal with it? 

Ans: I spoke about how my very first research paper my professor told me that the paper was too long and how I took a step back, tried to get objective and finally decided what I wanted to pick and what I wanted to leave. 

Followup Q: Academic research v/s MBA – give me your 60 second pitch on pros and cons for both?

Ans: For academic research I spoke about how you get to feed your love for learning and keep discovering more about the world and yourself. For MBA I spoke about how you can get a more practical outlook, get to meet people from various backgrounds and really get to immerse yourself in an exchange of ‘experiences’. 

Qn2: In your profile you talk about how you grew an account from 5 L to 78 L revenue. Talk us through that. 

Ans2: I told the panel about how I positioned myself as a ‘trusted advisor’ in the eyes of the client and eventually got him to award more projects to us. 

Followup Qn: You also spoke about a dairy giant and a confectionary company. Please deep dive into those projects. 

Ans: I spoke about those projects in a STAR format and tried to summarize with results for each. 

Qn3. In your profile you talk about rifle shooting. That’s a unique hobby to have. Talk to us about that. 

Ans3. I spoke about how I got into the sport and that I learnt, calmness, breathing and stillness from the sport. 

Qn4. You are also a book lover and own a blog with your company?

Ans3. I spoke about my love for books and told them about the books I was reading recently. I also clarified the query of the panelist when he mentioned I own the blog and told him that I just wrote a couple of articles for the blog – I also mentioned the article topics. 

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