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Star Faculty at ISB (Core Courses)

The ISB journey begins with the Orientation Week in which the students are exposed to various facets of the ensuing year.  The extremely hectic O-Week takes a toll on the students and they begin to wonder what hit them! However, post the O-week they begin to realize they are in safe hands. The faculty at ISB, both resident and visiting (which comes together from schools such as Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg and Yale) really makes the ISB experience, one to remember for life.

We mention below some of the star professors at ISB who teach during core terms (Terms 1 to 3). Choosing the ones to cover in this article was an extremely difficult exercise, and we ended up listing the those who we realized were the most popular among students. 

  1. Anjani Jain (Decision Making & optimization): Senior Associate Dean for the MBA program at Yale, Prof. Jain mesmerizes you with his flawless teaching. This also led to him winning the Professor of the Year (Core terms) award at the Mohali campus for class of 2016. His recent work has investigated the impact of growing product variety on the manufacture and design of families of products, especially in the auto sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from Indore University, an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, and a PhD in operations research from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prof. Jain joined the faculty of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and served for 26 years before joining Yale.
  2. Jagmohan Raju (Marketing): A global authority on marketing, Prof. Raju is the chairperson of the marketing department at Wharton. He is also the executive director of the Wharton ISB partnership. He serves as the Vice Dean of the Wharton Executive Education program. Prof. Raju is internationally renowned for his research on pricing strategies, coupon programs, managing private labels and sales force compensation. He is a consultant to various companies including Wyeth, Warner Home Video, and Johnson and Johnson on designing pricing strategies and launching new products. Prof. Raju received his PhD, MA and MS degrees from Stanford University, his MBA from IIM A and his BTech from IIT, Delhi.
  3. Mark Finn (Financial Accounting): Prof. Finn has been a visiting faculty at ISB since 2002. He is a Clinical Professor of Accounting and International Business at the Kellogg School of Management. Previously, Prof. Finn served on the faculty of the University of Chicago. Prof. Finn’s research interests include Financial reporting and corporate control outside the US, particularly in Japan and emerging markets. He received his PhD, MS, and MBA degrees from Cornell University and an AB with honors from Stanford University.
  4. Omesh Kini (Corporate Finance): Prof. Kini teaches finance and global financial markets in the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He previously taught at the Smeal College of Business Administration at the Pennsylvania State University and at the Goizueta Business School (Emory). He has also served as a visiting professor at the Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University apart from ISB. He was the recipient of the Professor of the Year Award at ISB for the class of 2015.
  5. Robert Stine (Statistics): Students call him the “God of Statistics”! Prof. Stine’s ability to teach a technical subject such as Statistics with ease is truly god-level. A “fun to be with” professor, he would party with you too apart from being very professional and disciplined when it comes to teaching and assignments. A consultant to various global companies, professor Stine received his PhD and MA from Princeton University.

We would also like to make a special mention of Prof. Sarang Deo (Operations Management faculty, – PhD from UCLA, MBA from IIM A and B Tech from IIT Bombay), Prof. Prashant Kale (Strategy faculty, affiliated with Rice University) and Prof. Bhagwan Choudhary (Finance faculty, affiliated with UCLA, PhD from University of Chicago) who are also stars in their fields and loved a lot by students.

ISB chooses only the best in the world to be a part of their faculty. Apart from the peer group and the infrastructure, it’s the elite pool of faculty that makes the one year (and the financial investment) at ISB totally worth it.


* All the Student Diaries have been written by ISB Alumni. ISBmantra holds no responsibility on the completeness and accuracy of this information. However, we endeavour to obtain all the content from reliable sources and keep the information up-to-date.


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