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Time Until PGPpro Final round Deadline (28 May 2023) *Delhi & Hyderabad

VR & Gaming Startup / 3 years 7 months

Interview Date

7th February, 2016

Work Profile

1 year as a site engineer at Total Environment Building Systems

2.7 years as a founder and CEO of Dream Slate, a virtual reality and gamification start-up.



Interviewers’ Profile




Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

The interview wasn’t structured as there weren’t any Adcom people. Alums just wanted to see what the truth is so they kept on grilling till the rock bottom to find the exact truth.  


Qn: Tell us about yourself.

A: Told them briefly about my college days, the research and the extra-curricular activities that I had done, my start-up and about my previous company.

Qn: Followup question: What was the name of the project that you were working on in your previous company?

A: Answered.

Qn: Extensive questions on the product such as how do you make the app, what is the software that was used, a situation question such as what if you want to sell it to B2B then how will you use your app.

A: Answered.

Qn: Why don’t you target the college administration directly instead of going in for students?

A: Gave them the stats from Mckinsey report saying that B2B is not possible because of the ego of the administration.

Qn: What is the learning from a previous failed start-up that you used in this one?

A: Hiring a better team.

Qn: How many team members do you have?

A: 9

Qn: What is your company financial position? Don’t you think it’s better to make your company sustainable before you should make an exit?

A: Told my revenues and expenditure.

Qn: Why do you want to do an MBA then? Just hire a management consultant, pay him his money and he’ll make a structured growth plan for your start-up.

A. Told him that the reason I want to do an MBA because I want to get my pricing right, I am facing difficulties in expanding my business, I am unable to position my products effectively thus my sales are low.

Qn: Do you think an MBA will teach you all this?

A: Yes, it will teach me how to position and run my start-up better.


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