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Time Until PGPpro Final round Deadline (28 May 2023) *Delhi & Hyderabad

Risk Consultant / 3 years 5 months

Interview Date

20th Nov, 2016

Work Profile

Risk Consulting / 3 yrs

Product Start-up/5 mths



Interviewers’ Profile

P1 – Alum

P2 – Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

Interviewers did not ask me any question on my previous work profile or my essays. No general questions such as Why ISB? What are your strengths? etc.


They focused on my current work and checked my passion and direction towards my career goal.


Qn:  Tell me about your start-up?

A: Told them in detail- about the product and operations.

Follow-up Qn: What is your role in the start-up?

A:  Answered this in detail- from coordinating with sales representative to actually driving the sales of the product.

Follow-up Qn: You look so passionate about your present work. Why not continue doing this?

A: Told them that I was here for learning experience and set the terms with my brother (founder)  before joining the start-up. He is the one who discussed about ISB and explained how it could help me get a business perspective.

Qn: The area (post-mba) you are aiming for is dying. Why go there?

A: Answered

Follow-up Qn: You won’t get to implement the knowledge you gain here.

A: The first step is to get knowledge and it’s an asset that never gets wasted. It can be implemented anywhere throughout the career.

Qn: The job role you are looking for requires great problem solving skills.

A: I am aware of the requirements and have gained a lot of exposure that has helped me enhance those abilities. I still need to add on to those skills to justify the job role.

Qn: Okay then, tell me 5 factors that will drive this field in future.

A: Answered

Qn: You said start-ups are one of the driving factors for future in this field. Consult your start-up.

A: Answered

Follow-up Qn : Why haven’t you done this yet when you have so much clarity?

A: I just joined three months back and shared the improvements that I could make. It’s a developing start-up and we are aware about what needs to be done. There is limited resources and cash. We are working towards it but first our main focus is to build a market for this product.

Qn: Great. So go and enjoy the sunlight now!

A : Do I get the opportunity to ask some questions too as I need some clarity

Qn: Both of them laughed. Sorry Sorry. Totally forgot to ask you. Go ahead.

A: Asked them how approachable the faculty is and they answered. Asked them about Centre of Excellence and they answered.


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