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Professional Swimmer / 7 years

Interview Date

5th Nov, 2016

Work Profile

Professional Swimmer/ 7 yrs



Interviewers’ Profile

P1 - Co2008

P2 - Co2012

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

It was quite a different experience.  On several occasions, I was interrupted before I completed my answers. Rather than follow up questions there were lot of follow up comments after I finished my answers.  I don’t remember all comments but they were mostly positive.

Their focus was mainly on how my career has shaped and what I have done in life till now.


Qn: Normally we get software engineers or people from finance, consulting etc.  So we know what to ask to them. Your profile is completely different so we were wondering what to ask you.  Tell us about your normal day at training.

A:  Explained my daily activities and routine.

Qn: How did you get into a sport like swimming? Considering the fact we don’t have many good swimming pools in India?

A: I shared my whole journey about why I chose swimming as a sport and experiences that have got me to where I am with my swimming.

Qn: Why do you think India lags behind nations like USA in sports?

A:  Lack of facilities, technical knowledge, support staff etc . 

Qn: We read this in papers. Tell us more.

A:  Explained.

Qn: We know what you can contribute to ISB.  Tell us why MBA from ISB?

A:  I explained my career goals in detail.

Qn: You are still at the top of your sport and you travel so much. You managed education and sport at NIT but it may not be possible at ISB. What will you do with your swimming next year?

A: Discussed my future plans.

Qn:  You do motivational speaking. Tell us more about it and who are the people who you interact with and what do you usually say to them.  Assume you have to motivate me.

A: Explained how I share my experiences with people and why I do motivational speaking. Gave few examples of what I speak during my talks- about success, failures, resilience etc.

Qn: I can see your blazer has India written on it.

A: I am on national duty and travelling to Japan next week for Asian championships

Follow-up Comment (Both alumni): Good luck for the competition and nice meeting you.


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