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ISB Interview Exp. (Diverse profile) : Navigating Officer / 8 years

This is the real ISB interview experience of a candidate who has 8 years of experience as Navigating Officer in Fleet Management Limited. He has an undergraduate degree in Science from Training Ship, Chanakya College and a GMAT score of 650.

ISB Interview Experience - Navigating Officer 8 Years

The ISB interview was conducted on January 8, 2022. As per the candidate’s information, there were two alumni from 2004 and 2007 batch, a member from Admissions Committee (who was a silent observer) in the interview panel. In his/her opinion, the interview was mainly focused on his profession and future goals.

Interview date08 Jan, 2022
Work profile8 years experience Navigating Officer in Fleet Management Limited
Re – Applicant?No
Interviewer’s Profile2 alumni and 1 from Adcom (Silent observer)
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusThey wanted to know about my profession and future goals. 
Suggestions and Preparation Tips for Prospective StudentsFocus on the application. Most of the interview will revolve around the application.

Qn1: Tell me about yourself

Ans1: I had a prepared answer for this one. I ended with the android application details in order to get the follow-up question on the same as I wanted to highlight this achievement.

Followup Qn: How you managed to make an app instead of no coding background

Ans: Explained in details about everything

Qn2: More questions regarding shipping industry

Ans2: Detailed about the problems the industry is facing and what can be the possible solutions

Followup Qn: Why western ports of India is busier than the eastern ports of India?

Ans: Managed to point out 2-3 points

QnN: My future goals

AnsN: Aligned the answer to the essays written in the application

Followup Qn: Questions regarding the problems the supply chain industry is facing and what can I do to solve those problems.

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