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Time Until PGPpro Final round Deadline (28 May 2023) *Delhi & Hyderabad

Avionics Scientist / 3 years 5 months

Interview Date

20th February, 2016

Work Profile

Avionics Scientist, 3 yrs 5 mnths work ex



Interviewers’ Profile

P1- Alum

P2- Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

You can steer the interview. Always be positive about things you mention. Practice it while preparing for interview. It will help you at personal level too.


Qn: Is it your first time in Hyderabad? You seem to have interest in photography. While walking in for interview, did you find any spots here? Isn’t this campus very photogenic?

A: First time here, yes. The campus is indeed beautiful but while walking in my shoe broke, and that kept my mind occupied.

Followup Qn: What kinds of photography do you like the most? If you were given a grant to make a photo journal, what would you do about it and how will you spend money?

A: I explained them about my genre, but was stumped about the grant thing. My answer for that wasn’t clear and crisp…I showed them a photo catalogue type thing I had. And walked them through the logos and other things I designed.

Qn: Explain your work.

A: Explained.

Qn: Explain your role.

A: Explained.

Qn: Why did you quit your job?

A: To be a part of privatizing space industry in India. I explained why it’s required, why it interests me, and how I will contribute and why I can’t do it without quitting. I also went into detail about the current status of market with numbers facts and information about my personal contacts.

Qn: Why MBA?

A: Discussed how I need basic understanding of the business world to fulfil my long term goals.

Qn: What will you bring to the table?

A: I would bring in experience of such a large scale projects and a gateway to an entirely unexplored industry for rest of the class mates.


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