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Intellectual Property Consultant / 4.5 years

Interview Date

14th October, 2018

Work Profile

Intellectual Property Consulting, 4.5 years of Work Experience



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Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

Interview was fast paced. Lasted for approx 35 mins – mostly around work, profile and why MBA. They asked too many follow-up questions and were going deep dive for every response. Pretty grilling experience but a health discussion


Qn: Tell us what exactly do you do in the domain of IP and what all do you do in a typical week at job?

A: Explained Intellectual Property (IP) domain, patents, and typical tasks I do in a week – project scoping, delegating, supervising, client calls, end to end project management, presenting reports to clients.

Follow-up Qn: How does it relate to business?

Ans: Explained how IP ultimately shapes up the business strategy at big technology firms.

Qn: How much does a person spend on filing a patent?

A: It varies from country to country and also on the type of patent (further gave an example to explain costs involved)

Qn: What type of tools do you use to handle IP data?

A: Mentioned a couple of software tools and company’s propriety data analytics tools

Qn: What type of resistance you face while delegating a task?

A: Answered

Qn: You’ve mentioned concept notes in your essay. Explain a bit more about it

A: Answered

Qn: How does your company product gather data for the databases you use

A: Answered

Qn: How will you differentiate between a copyright infringement and a patent infringement

A: Told our company does not deal in copyrights but I went on to explain the difference between the two since I knew a few things about copyright infringement

Qn:  Can I patent a process and a product both in single patent?

A: technical question- answered it.

Qn: what is the concept of novelty?

A: Answered

Qn: What kind of latest AI and text mining technologies are you using in your services?

A: None as of now. Product team developing some AI based tools, will be incorporated in service team later on

Qn: What is the duration of projects you typically work upon?

A: Answered

Qn: Have you done any automation in your job?

A: Quite a bit, not very hardcore automation… explained what we do

Qn: What is the future of ecommerce?

A: Answered

Qn: Why ISB?

A: Answered this question, relating it to my short term goal

Qn: Any questions for us?

A: Thanks for asking but I don’t have any questions right now. I have a couple of alum friends and I attended the info session, so I am sorted for now


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