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ISB Interview Exp. (Real Estate/Construction): Design Engineer / 4 years 6 months

This is the real ISB interview experience of a candidate who has 4 years 6 months of work experience as Design Engineer.

ISB Interview Experience - Design Engineer, 4 years 6 months
Interview Date19th Jan, 2019
Work ProfileDilip buildcon Limited – Design Engineer – 4 years
Credit Suisse – Risk Analyst – 6 months
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusQuestions were extremely relevant and to the point.
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Qn: Why did you leave your job with Credit Suisse?
A: I always wanted to be in Infrastructure Sector and left my job at Credit Suisse after 6 months to pursue my career in Infrastructure. I explained to them about my job at Credit Suisse, which was an Internship that got converted to PPO and I took it as that was the best opportunity I had at that time.
I spoke about my current company – Dilip Buildcon Limited – one of the largest Engineering Procurement Construction Players of the country, is listed on both BSE and NSE with a market cap of around 7000 Crores.

Follow-up Qn: Tell us about your current work?
A: I explained to them about my role as a Design Engineer in Highway Projects of the Country. I told them I have worked on all three PPP models – BOT (Toll) (Build Operate Transfer), HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model) and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction). I explained them about HAM is the brainchild of the current Transport Minister Mr Nitin Gadkari and how it is gaining prominence as the risk is shared by the Government (NHAI) in case of NH Projects and the concessionaire on a 40-60 basis and payments are made to the concessionaire on annuity basis for the life of the project.

Qn: What is the cost of providing drinking water to one Rural water household?
A: I divided the Project cost of the Rural Water supply plant that I had worked on and had mentioned in my application with the no of villages (taking the population of each village as 1000). This worked out close to 4000, which is the right answer. (Did the calculations on paper and showed them)

Qn: What all did you design in the rural water supply plant? What is the Scheme in Telangana for providing drinking water to the rural household?
A: I gave the answer about my contribution in the rural water supply plant where I had designed the Intake Well, Sedimentation Tank, Filtration Tank and Chlorination Tank.
Didn’t know the answer to the scheme in Telangana. The interviewer told me the name of the Scheme – Bhagirathi and asked me to read about it.

Follow-up Qn: What is the concentration of chlorine maintained in the water supply plant?
A: 0.2 ppm (this is the right answer)

Follow-up Qn: The Nehru Outer Ring road in Hyderabad is based on which PPP model?
A: BOT (Toll) (This is the right answer)

Qn: You have mentioned in your application about doing Nukkad Nataks and doing theatre at your undergrad college? Elaborate on that?
A: At BITS Pilani, I was part of the Department of Theatre which is responsible for conducting several dance and Theatre based events in our Cultural Festival OASIS which is the second-largest fest in our country after Mood Indigo (organized by IIT Powai). At Present, I am the team leader for organizing Nukkad nataks in the government schools wherever our highway Projects are being made and make the children aware of the basic Traffic rules using a lot of popular songs and dance.

Qn: How does the Government award Tenders for National Highway Projects?
A: The government releases tenders for different Highway Projects and the L-1 bidder (Lowest bidder) is awarded the contract. Different companies bid for it and the lowest is awarded the contract.

Qn: Why ISB?
A: My answer focused on the breadth of the peer group on campus and how one learns from the work experience and knowledge of the 900 students, as ISB focuses on Peer to peer learning. The world-class faculty, the strong alumni presence in Infrastructure Sector and the SREI Infrastructure club activities and how the Industry Visits (students had visited the Lodha Group in Mumbai) and the speaker sessions with their rich experience will help me in achieving my goals. I took the names of alumni working in Lodha, Godrej Properties, etc. with whom I have been in touch with and would like to contribute in a similar manner as they do in their roles.

Qn: Do you have any questions for us?
A: There are so many things to do at ISB – Sports, Music, Clubs and Academics. If I am fortunate enough to get in, how should I prioritize all these things to make the most of the One year?

Follow-up Answer: Everybody comes here with a different goal and based on that there is enough space for everyone to pursue their hobbies and prioritize things based on that.

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