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ISB Interview Exp. (Finance) : Finance / 1 year 8 months

This is the real ISB interview experience by a candidate who has 1 year 8 months of experience as Financial Analyst in UBS AG. He has an undergraduate degree in Science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science and a GMAT score of 750. 

ISB-Interview-Experience-Finance-1years -8months

The ISB interview was conducted on February 26, 2022. As per the candidate’s information, there were two ISB alumni from the 2015 and 2018 batch in the interview panel. In his/her opinion, the interview was mainly focused on the short term goals and how pursuing an MBA at ISB would help to achieve it.

Interview date26-Feb-2022
Work profile1 year 8 months experience in Finance
Re – Applicant?No
Interviewer’s ProfileP1 Alum from 2015 batch
P2 Alum from 2018 batch (Flipkart)
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusTheir key focus is on short term goals and how ISB fits into the picture.
Suggestions and Preparation Tips for Prospective StudentsKnow your story well. Along with short term and long term goals. 

Qn1: You have done Biology, now working in finance, and want to become a consultant. How’s this all tied up?

Ans1: Answered that the unifying factor is mathematics and at the core I am a quants guy.

Followup Qn: Can you explain about mathematics in biology?

Ans: Explained with 3 examples.

Qn2: Tell me about your journey in Music. When did it start and what did you do?

Ans2: Told them about how Mumbai helped me interact with musicians and help me learn various instruments. Told them about home studio, college band, music club at college etc.

Qn3: How does ISB help you?

AnsN: Gave them answer in STAR format. Also talked about my contributions to ISB. 

Qn4: Why consulting? Why not a fintech firm?

Ans: Explained how consulting exposes me to various functions, domains and projects. How it builds a problem solving muscle. And how it leads to better chances of making a business.

Followup Qn: Still not convinced. What if consulting doesn’t happen?

Ans: Explained plan B. To join fintech firm directly and learn from there.

Followup Qn: P2 smiling. What if ISB doesn’t happen this year?

Ans: Explained that I will look for fintech opportunities and work on product side. That will make my profile richer and reapply. 

Q5: What kind of automation do you do? What is the impact?

Ans5: Explained using STAR format.

Q6: Explain the trading bot you made. What strategy do you follow?

Ans6: Explained.

Q7: Asked about prior leadership experience at work or outside work.

Ans7: Detailed a project at work.

Qn8: Any questions for us?

Ans8: Ask them if they had any specific advice for me to leverage one year as EEO and one year at ISB.

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