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How to get an ISB YLP admit on the first attempt?

Cracking your dream MBA is an admirable feat, but doing it on the first attempt is an entirely different experience. That’s something Nandini experienced herself when she secured an ISB YLP admit on her first attempt.

You must be wondering how did she accomplish this amazing feat so that her story can inspire you to achieve your goals.

So, here’s Nandini, an Economics student from Shri Ram College of Commerce, sharing her story.

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This article highlights Nandini’s strategy for building a strong profile for the ISB YLP. You can also watch her video to understand how she prepared for the YLP admissions.

Navigate to the relevant section with the help of the below timestamps:

00:00 Introduction

00:20 Nandini’s Academic Background

01:16 When should you apply for the Young Leaders Program?

02:07 Why ISB?

03:05 YLP Application Strategy  

03:54 Application Essays

04:50 Application Experience with ISBmantra

06:01 ISB YLP Interview Experience

07:56 Interview Preparation with ISBmantra

10:01 Engagement with ISB before joining the Program

11:24 Advice for aspiring ISB YLP Applicants

Here are the most important pieces of information from the video which will help you understand her strategy.

When did you apply for the YLP?

YLP is a deferred MBA program. Hence, applying in the pre-final year of college is a wiser decision, as it gives you another opportunity in the final year if you can’t make it on the first attempt. Nandini followed this strategy and applied to ISB YLP in her pre-final year of graduation.

However, she got admission to ISB in the first attempt itself. The prime reason was her strategy of creating a strong profile.

What was your YLP Application Strategy?

The basis of the ISB application strategy is to build a strong profile. There won’t be enough time to do new things before the 1st stage of the YLP application process. Whereas you will have the required time until the 2nd stage of the YLP application deadline to make that extra effort which will help you create a well-rounded profile. 

Nandini made use of this time effectively and worked on improving her profile. She took up an internship at Deloitte, cracked a national level case competition, and organized a national level fest. 

Your approach to the YLP Essays 

The YLP stage 1 essay was regarding a personal incident and she was confident enough to write it by herself. She wrote about her hobby – art, and how it impacted her. 

However, the stage 2 essay was about the goal you wanted to achieve. Writing about your career goal and the steps you are taking to achieve it should be the primary focus for this essay. She had the required points to write this essay. But she still needed the support to frame her essay in the best possible way. That’s when she approached ISBmantra.

Check this article YLP Essay Analysis for detailed analysis of the YLP essay and sample essay structure.

How much time did you have to prepare for the ISB interview and how did you prepare for the interview?

ISB rolls out the interview invite 4 to 6 days before the interview date. Hence, it is essential for you to start preparing for the interview well ahead of time. 

ISB interview - check this article for interview preparation tips, and commonly asked ISB interview questions by A.M. Kannan, Chief Mentor - ISBmantra, Former Director - Admission and Financial Aid at ISB.

With the college and other commitments, Nandini wanted to be well prepared and she approached ISBmantra who helped her with personalized interview preparation services.

She said, “My entire week was utilized in a very structured way by working on the feedback of the previous interview sessions I had.” 

Engagement with ISB before joining the program

Your engagement with ISB starts much earlier. You will have weekend classes, interaction sessions with the alumni, and the opportunity to work on assignments. 

Nandini was really excited about it as she could find more about ISB and also start working on improving her skills through the assignments before she joined the PGP class.

As suggested by the interview panelist when she asked about how to prepare herself before joining the ISB, she planned to build her skills and gain knowledge through her working experience. Her motive is to learn and imbibe as much as she can to be prepared to enter the rigorous training program at ISB. 

Advice to prospective YLP applicants

Nandini said “To apply to ISB you need a good profile. Particularly for stage 1 as you won’t have much time before the deadline, so start working in the first or second year of college. Once you get through stage 1 of the YLP application process, start taking internships, and participate in competitions to build your profile.”

She also said It is not just academics, you need to work in a wholesome manner on your extracurriculars as well, so that you can show them you are developing skills and are serious about it.

If Nandini’s story inspires you and you desire to apply to ISB YLP, get in touch with us.

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