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Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

Experiential Learning Program, commonly abbreviated as ELP, happens to be a short-term project that falls under the purview of consulting. ISB tends to solicit these consulting projects from a number of different firms and companies across various sectors and float it among teams of current students who may be interested in a particular sector or function.

ISB has achieved a good amount of success with ELPs and this year alone, they were able to invite more than hundred different projects, both international and domestic. Majority of the ELPs at ISB arrive between the end of second term and the beginning of the fourth term.

Once an ELP comes to ISB, it is floated to the students who may express interest in the same. The first step involves forming a diverse team that can offer a wide range of skills and experiences. After exchanging emails, and trying different combinations, a team of three to six members is formed. A brief document is then to be drafted, elaborating the team profile, skillset of the members and the plan for execution. This along with CVs of team members go to the ISB team who then prepares a list of shortlisted candidates. The shortlisted teams then interact with the client who takes the final call.

Students taking up the ELP have to agree to certain deadlines set by the client by stating them in a charter. Most of the work involves gathering information, analysing data, and making recommendations. Taking up an ELP is equivalent to a two-credit course.

ELP has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is a substantial time commitment for two credits. The client can sometimes be demanding, and it can hectic with the demanding academic schedule at ISB. But ELPs are still popular among students because of the practical exposure they provide and the scope for networking they create in a particular company. It is therefore a great opportunity to impress a potential recruiter and secure a job offer. 


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