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Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices / 4 years

Interview Date

5th Nov, 2016

Work Profile

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices / 4 years



Interviewers’ Profile

P1 – Alum

P2 – Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

They only wanted to ascertain a candidate’s basic strengths such as communication skills, confidence, professional skills, achievements etc. The interviewers were friendly and allowed me ample opportunity to answer their questions cogently. Most importantly, the interviewers were trying to gauge my personality, seeking truth in my answers and were interested in cross-checking whether my career aspirations were genuine or whether I was simply spinning yarns to convince the interview panel!


Qn: Going straight into your profile, can you tell us something about your achievement at work?

A: My significant achievement was leading the validation team on the Unique Device Identification project at my company. Explained in detail.

Qn: What is the secret ingredient that helps you work with internationals from different cultural backgrounds?

A: Right from Master’s time, I have worked with foreign nationals. In US we are all bound by the American fabric of work-ethics and professionalism. The secret to bind the team is to lay the expectations on the table upfront, give precise instructions and let stakeholders know well in advance should we fail to meet our timelines.

Qn: Can you share a weakness of yours?

A: I tend to be very truthful and upfront at all times. It doesn’t go too well with everyone.

Qn: Having been in the US and worked for this long, why would you return to India?

A: I choose to return to India, since India is where opportunity lies. Currently, the Indian pharma industry is growing at 15% while globally the Pharma industry is growing at 5%. India contributes to over 20% of the world’s generic pharmaceuticals market. However, we lack a central regulatory agency like the US FDA. My opportunity lies in assisting the country towards a) improving exports of patent drugs by sharing my knowledge and experience of working with FDA regulations and b) by facilitating socially inclusive growth in the healthcare sector.

Follow-Up Qn: Do you want to work in the public sector or private sector? What about the investment in billions of dollars required for R&D, considering India is still not there yet?

A: Exactly, we aren’t there yet. This can change once we can establish a central regulatory agency like the US FDA. I hope to work to work in both sectors and improve exports of patented drugs through my knowledge of FDA regulations and exposure in healthcare compliance.

Qn: Have you applied to any other university elsewhere in US, Central Asia, India etc.?

A: No, I haven’t. ISB is the only place I have applied to.

Qn: Do you have any questions for us or would like to share anything with us?

A: No, I do not have any questions. Thank you for the opportunity.


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