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Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management

The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management (PLIIM) was established in 2012 with the objective of developing managerial talent for the infrastructure sector. It seeks to do so through Education, Research and Outreach.

Education includes long and short term courses of a very high quality. One such program is the Leadership Program in Infrastructure Management (LIM) which welcomed its first class in February 2016. LIM is a one-year program, designed for mid-career professionals, delivered in the part-time blended learning format with classroom residences once in three months, interspersed with online learning sessions and self-study. The program targets individuals with 7 - 20 years of experience involved in building, shaping and driving the infrastructure requirements of their country. Individual consultants, engineers and builders may also benefit from the multi-dimensional, general managerial focus of the program.

The program is taught by a combination of globally renowned faculty from the ISB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the World Bank and other educational and capacity-building institutions, both from India and abroad.

The institute also helps in delivering electives for the Infrastructure industry specialization of the PGP program. Hence, various lectures are held by the world-class faculty and industry leaders of this domain. 

Research involves examination of key problems facing the industry and finding solutions to them. It also seeks to contribute to national development efforts. PGP students may also work with the institute on various research topics as part of their Faculty Initiated Research Projects (FIRPs).

Outreach seeks to disseminate knowledge and research findings by convening industry stakeholders to discuss and resolve key issues. The institute also hosts various conferences, workshops and speaker sessions for knowledge sharing in the infrastructure space. The institute also engages with the SREI Infrastructure Club (PGP program) to organize various events.

Smart Cities Index

The Institute is developing a “Smart Cities Index” for Indian cities. The purpose of the “Smart Cities Index” shall be to rank cities in India in terms of equity, efficiency and sustainability across aspects such as the city’s physical, social, human and environmental capital. In addition, it helps cities position themselves in the country and encourages them to improve upon various aspects, thus bringing in a much needed element of competitiveness amongst them. The Institute is collaborating with various leaders from the industry and academia to develop a comprehensive ranking framework that shall have indicators contextualized for Indian cities.

The Institute leverages ISB’s faculty as well as the expertise from ISB's global partners. Moreover, it has a panel of experts and practitioners that it draws upon regularly.

The Institute has an advisory council chaired by Mr. Atul Punj, Chairman of the Punj Lloyd Group. It also includes several eminent members whose guidance is invaluable for the activities of the Institute.

The Institute's team is led by Dr. O.P. Agarwal, Executive Director, a well-known expert in urban infrastructure, especially in urban mobility. The team includes Pramod Yadav, Farhan Ahmed, Gaurav Dubey, Debarshi Gupta, Ashish Mohan, Sonia Sharma and Asis Sidhu, all of whom bring a lot of diversity and strength to the team.

Overall, the institute helps promote research and study of the infrastructure space in India – a field of national importance. By engaging through various Infra-focused elective courses, speaker sessions, workshops as well research projects, the PGP students also benefit from the institute.


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