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Term 8 – the Most Memorable Term at ISB

Term 8 is undoubtedly the most memorable term at ISB. With all students placed in top-notch companies across industries, the focus shifts from the grind of the previous 7 terms to “unwind”. As most students will most likely be experiencing campus life for the last time, they really make the most of it and this is how they do it:

  • Yearbook Photo Shoots: The Yearbook is a compilation of all events and memories of the year. As per tradition, all students, club and GSB councils put forward their “swaggest” best in the Yearbook photo shoot. The Photography club pitches in to come up with splendid memories one would cherish for life in the form of the yearbook.
  • Weekend Getaways: With only a few days to go before the class disperses to different parts of the country (and the world), weekend getaways become a routine affair. With both the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses offering various holiday destinations around, students also make the most of every opportunity they get.
  • Holi: One of the most fun-filled festivals of the year, Holi, is celebrated with great vigour at ISB. With celebrations running in full swing on both campuses, food and a DJ (with rain dance) spice up the event.
  • ISL Finals: After battling it out for months across different sports categories, it comes down to the wire in Term 8 with ISL finals. All teams push for one last time and leave no stone unturned in their quest to win the coveted trophy. While only one team can win in the end, the finish is usually nail-biting with the penultimate or the ultimate game deciding the tournament winners.  
  • The “Disorientation” Week: Between the final exams and the convocation ceremony comes the crazy D-week! With a new activity lined up every day - various group activities from team sports to treasure hunt to the entire class going for a movie together, the D-week surely helps one unwind and regroup after a stressful year.
  • Parties: Parties are an integral part of life at ISB. Their significance increases in term 8 with most students having their “party mode” ON. From quad-parties to SV parties to birthday parties to placement parties, there is a party every other day during term 8.
  • O-week Prep: With the next session about to begin, the organizing team for O-week gets selected in term 8. Planning begins in full swing with the team coming together to make the O-week a memorable experience for the incoming class. 

To sum up, the last term is surely the most fun-filled term at ISB. A well-deserved break from the hectic year gone by and before one gets back to the monotones of the corporate world!


* All the Student Diaries have been written by ISB Alumni. ISBmantra holds no responsibility on the completeness and accuracy of this information. However, we endeavour to obtain all the content from reliable sources and keep the information up-to-date.


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