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‘Bandhan’ – Freedom Reloaded at ISB Mohali

This Independence Day, ISB kept up its tradition of taking freedom a step further by reaching out to underprivileged children. Held every year on August 15th, ‘Bandhan’ is an initiative by the student run Net Impact Club at ISB. This year, the ISB Mohalistudents planned to host 200 children from several selected NGOs, for a day of fun activities, learning, and entertainment.

The agenda was to divide the children into 4 batches of 50 each, and run a series of parallel events. Each batch would finish an event and move on to the next. Breakfast, lunch and evening snacks would also be served to the kids. The students responsible for planning the event wanted to give the children a treat of burgers and snacks that they love but would not usually have access to.

The day was to begin with flag hoisting and breakfast. With the help of enthusiastic volunteers from the campus, the children would then be safely assisted through each event. The events would resume post lunch. Some of the games included sack race, lemon and spoon race, and kite flying. The children also attended workshops on Art & Craft, Dance and Music. The day was to end in a cultural function with performances from students of ISB Mohali as well as children from the NGOs. The children would then be seen off with goodie bags.

Simple as this plan may seem, it is a major challenge to accomplish! It required a tremendous amount of planning, coordination, and tracking of progress during the setup of the event. To begin with, the organizing team ensured planning of entire event on paper complete with all information which was communicated to all.

The members then began marketing the event as it would be entirely funded by donations obtained on campus. However, as Bandhan is an annual event and is an integral part of the ISB way, students were already anticipating it. In their spare time, volunteers helped donation booths strategically placed on the campus. Notably, there were several warm hearted ISBians who anonymously donated thousands of rupees for the cause. Together, every student made sure that the budget for the event was met. Other social clubs at ISB including Dance Club, Music Club, Quiz Club, Sports Club, Spouse & Family Association, and Theatre Club, greatly helped in planning and executing each event. Their taking the responsibility of managing events supported the Net Impact Club to make the event smoother.

Much to everyone’s pleasure, the event was a greater success than anticipated. The children received crossed the anticipated number. Never the ones to miss out on a great opportunity such as this, members and volunteers rushed to arrange for goodies and fun for them. In all, the event eventually hosted over 220 happy children! However, the best part of the day was yet to come. ISBians were pleasantly surprised to see the expert manner in which visiting children performed dance and skits. It was a delight to watch these little ‘professionals’ with loads of oomph and tons of creativity.

The day eventually came to an end and the students at ISB bid adieu to the children, each little one carrying a goodie-bag and memories of a day spent well. ISB now looks forward to another day of forming lasting bonds and spreading more smiles, with the onus now on the next batch to put together a bigger, better Bandhan 2015.


* All the Student Diaries have been written by ISB Alumni. ISBmantra holds no responsibility on the completeness and accuracy of this information. However, we endeavour to obtain all the content from reliable sources and keep the information up-to-date.


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