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Project Management/ 7 yrs

Interview Date

28th February, 2016

Work Profile

A mechanical engineer with 7 years’ experience in project management



Interviewers’ Profile

P1 – Alum

P2 – Alum

P3 – Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

I thought that the interviewers had a completely different professional background from mine.

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Interview Experience:

Qn1: Why did you leave your job?

A: I told them about the difficulties I was going through due to the re-organization in my company and also the lack of growth opportunities given at my work place. Plus I also told that I was sure I was going to be laid off but by quitting on my own I made sure that I had control over my career .

Qn2: What would have happened if you had not quit?

A: I explained that if they had asked me to leave at any undefined point then I would have been caught in an unpleasant situation wherein I would have missed my MBA application deadlines and would have been quite disruptive for me.

Qn3: Elaborate on a professional experience.

A: Answered in detail.

Qn4: Wouldn’t your certifications help you reach your career goal without an MBA?

A:  Peer group interactions are not available in certifications and at the end of day certifications imbibe in you the Why’s of the things you do & not necessarily enhance job opportunities.

Qn5: What if you do not get to do an MBA this year?

A: I really cannot wait another year as I do not have a job at hand. I also have interview invites from NUS and NT so I am sure that I will obtain an admit and do an MBA this year.



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