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OYO - Business Development / 4 years

Interview Date

7th February, 2016

Work Profile

4 years’ work-ex in Entrepreneurship and Technology start-ups. Currently, working at OYO Rooms.



Interviewers’ Profile

P1- Alum, 03

P2- Alum, 05

P3- Alum, 07

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

Their only focus was my OYO experience and I felt it was the only part they wanted clarity on, rest everything they were satisfied as per my application.


Qn: When did you reach Hyderabad? Where are you staying?

A: I reached last evening. Staying at an OYO.

Follow-up Qn: Oh, at an OYO? Do the staff know you are with OYO? Are they giving you any special treatment?

A: No, I deliberately don’t inform the staff whenever I travel, to experience their service as it is.

Qn: Does OYO buy-out rooms still or provide minimum guarantees to hotel owners?

A: No, not any more. Explained that OYO only works on a fixed –tariff basis

Qn: What is your biggest achievement at OYO?

A: Set up Bangalore office from scratch. Today, the revenue generated by OYO Bangalore is 5 Crores.

Qn: Detailed questions on OYO business model, current and future focus.

A: Answered all

Qn: What do you think about the internet industry and the slowdown of VC funding lately?

A: Explained how the market is correcting itself, lot of start-ups were wrongly funded despite not having correct foundations and unit economics. I also added that consolidation will take place and companies will either shut or get acquired till only the biggest players are left.

Qn: What went wrong last time? Why weren’t you selected?

A: Probably the panel felt I was not ready to reach my goals. I have really worked on that with my experience and feel I am in a much better position to contribute to ISB and gain the maximum out of it.


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