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Entrepreneur III/ 5 yrs

Interview Date

7th February, 2016

Work Profile

2.5 years in TCS, Chennai as software programmer. 2.5 years into family business (Herbals Startup)



Interviewers’ Profile

P1- Alum

P2- Alum

P3- Alum

Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focus

The interviewers main focus was on why MBA and my clarity on future goals.

One word before the interview



Interview Experience:

Qn: Read your essays. They were interesting. Shall we talk about your venture, its revenue, products and pricing?

A: Briefed them on my venture, current products, problems faced in pricing few of these products and expected revenue.

Followup Qn: How do you differentiate your products from the market?            

A: Quality. We are trying to source raw materials and process in-house to control quality. Since we are dealing with fewer quantities right now, we are ok. Should work on the logistics for future expansion.

Qn: How did you arrive in pricing these products?

A: Discussed in detail.

Followup Qn: You said you have recently launched your products to the market. What were you doing for the past 2 years?

A: I researched on various herbal options in the market. The market being disorganised, it was tough to get quality products. Also my lack of experience in this field has taken time.

Qn: Why MBA?

A: Coming from a technical background, I need to understand and apply management strategies. Also, a reputed B-school like ISB will give me a chance to network with people from different fields that would help in my future expansions.

Followup Qn: An entrepreneur need not learn the technicalities of management. You can hire somebody like me.

A: Even to get you on board, I need the skill to sell you my business idea so that you are convinced.

Qn: Who will look after your venture if you get into ISB?

A: Since we are in the starting stage with few products right now, I do have a trusted person who can handle the daily activities. But the marketing strategies and expansion plans I talked about implementing might have to wait. My intervention may not be required more than once a month. My father is there to look after if something serious has to be done.

Followup Qn: So what exactly is your role in your venture?

A: I was involved starting from Idea phase to identifying products and releasing them to the market. My father runs an engineering industry from many years. Initially, I started identifying people from my father’s business network, which later on expanded as we went on. He is supporting this venture by looking into Finance and I am involved in all the operations.

Qn: Ok. So you have your venture to get back to. Will you sign a bond that you will not sit for placements?

A: My reason for an MBA is definitely to expand my venture. But if I get an opportunity to work in companies like, Himalaya or Dabur which are well established, it would be a great learning experience for me before I get back.




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