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November 9, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Jumpstart Social Enterprise- A Helpful Hand to Social Startups

The recent collaboration between SAP Labs, India, and ISB’s Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship demonstrates the abiding commitment to entrepreneurial initiatives that has been the hallmark of the ISB philosophy ever since the inception of this august institute. SAP Labs India and ISB have collaborated to launch the Jumpstart Social Enterprise (JSE), a programme that will identify five start-ups in the social enterprise space and provide training, mentorship, guidance and access to networks, in order to encourage and accelerate the growth of the selected units.

JSE is a four month programme, during which period, the selected start-ups will be provided access to business and academic mentors and subject experts, who will guide two members of the founding team. The programme is directed at founders who have created ventures with the potential to make a difference to the lives of the masses, deliver a superior quality of education, preserve arts and culture, improve health-care systems, engage in civic / public service, promote rural development and environmental sustainability, foster financial inclusion or galvanize economic development and poverty alleviation, among other related issues pertaining to the social sector. The five selected start-ups will be assessed on the basis of parameters including the Organisational Structure, the focus on Innovation, the potential Social Impact, Scalability and Early Scale Operations.

The founding members of the short-listed start-ups will receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, funders and investors, researchers and academicians, NGOs and other thought leaders, who will guide them in areas relating to strategic and operational planning, financial modelling and revenue generation planning, scale-up and sustainability planning, and organisational structuring.

This programme provides a priceless opportunity to aspirants with a keen interest in entrepreneurship or with an entrepreneurial background. Consultants at ISBmantra have guided several candidates with an entrepreneurial background, to present their profile and aspirations to ISB.

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