5 ways to ace your ISB interview!
November 14, 2016
ISB Dean- Rajendra Srivastava
November 15, 2016

5 errors to avoid in your ISB application essays

ISB held classes for its first batch of PGP in July 2001. Since then, the name and reputation of ISB has sky-rocketed in India and around the globe. It is now consecutively featured in the top 50 MBA programs in Financial Times. To get admitted means to have access to a world of knowledge delivered by a distinguished faculty including visiting faculty from Kellogg, Wharton, London Business School etc. and an opportunity leading to great personal and professional growth.

So while the admission process itself is quite strenuous, it is important to ensure that each and every part of the application reflects the best possible you. One of the easiest ways to do that is to avoid common errors in the application essays.

1. Answer the question to point
Yes, there is a word limit to your essays. However, using it wisely is a skill. The point here is to provide as much information as possible without the fluff. There is no requirement to add too much, to get repetitive or to embellish one single point to fill your entire essay. You can use the space to talk about various events that you want to highlight or one event that caused several impacts.

2. No need to praise ISB
You can make a point to tell them how ISB will help you in your career path. You can talk about how the various clubs or events that can help you network and grow. But there is no need to tell the admissions council how great ISB is. They already know it. Praising ISB will not get you any bonus points in your application. You need to stick with how ISB will help you and not how great ISB is.

3. Be more than your resume
You are more than just your work. You are a being with a personality that you need to showcase here. Thousands of applicants may have the same job profile. It is important to show you are different and that starts with who you are outside your job. This will show the council how you can contribute to the class more than other applicants with the same job profile. Look into your hobbies, interests, social work and achievements outside the work place.

4. Avoid the use of industry jargon
You might have had a technical background and fulfilled a technical role all your life. That doesn’t mean the admissions council will be familiar with the industry jargon that you have used in your essay. Complete your essay in such a way that a layman would understand it. Use familiar words to express your personality, your achievements and your experience. This is important to remember as using industry jargon can distract the reader from the message you are trying to convey.

5. Think through your goals
The most important thing that you need to convey to the admission council is not just why you are right for ISB but why ISB is right for you. If you are right for ISB, you are also right for most of the Ivy League MBA programs. So you need to take a few moments to consider why ISB is right for you. Here you need to chart a path to your career goals and be sure of it. Think about where you want to be 5-10 years down the line. Insert how you would benefit from ISB more than other universities of the same league. Jot down the reasons why ISB is the best option to reach your goals.

Applying to ISB is a time consuming process where you need to reflect on the past and the future. Making checklists and ticking it off one by one is the way forward. You can also take the much needed help from industry experts who will guide you through your application and ensure you put your best foot forward.

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