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November 9, 2016
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November 15, 2016

5 ways to ace your ISB interview!

ISB applications don’t just end with a great GMAT score and impeccable essays. It ends with acing the interview in front of a panel of accomplished people. They are not just going to grill you on your choice of choosing the PGP program but also dig deep to see if you have leadership potential.

Here are five ways to ace the ISB interview.

1.Read up on your essays.
You need to know what is written in your essays like the back of your hand. Each essay is crafted after much deliberation on the significant events that you want to highlight. However, these essays are also restricted by number of words. You need to be able to elaborate on these essays in the best possible light in front of the panel.

2. Make a list of significant work achievements and memorize them.
It is very easy to forget the important details in all the nervousness and then regret not mentioning some events that would have truly impressed the panel. We have seen that it helps to write down these significant work and personal achievements and memorise them so you can drop it casually into your responses to the panel.

3. Mock Interviews
You need to practice your interview skills with someone who has been there or an expert who has coached several people. This might not seem important to you but the feedback you receive in these sessions can truly make a world of difference. The feedback will not just be on the content you have to talk about but also on your tone, voice modulation and tips to appear more confident.

4. Read up on ISB
It is of utmost importance to have done research on ISB before your interview. You need to know about the various social and professional clubs and see where you will be able to fit in, the different campuses, the guest lecturers, the partner universities, the international immersions, the prominent people at ISB, some of their notable alumni, the various programmes offered, the events conducted in the past, etc. This will be able to give you an opportunity to talk about how ISB would truly make a difference in your life and how you can contribute to ISB as well.

5. Make a goals list
You can’t just sit in front of a panel of accomplished people and not have set goals and high standards for your life. Before the interview, it is crucial for you to make a list of goals and trace a path to it. In the path, you need to identify a big role that ISB will play in your success. This will help you appear prepared not just for ISB’s rigorous program but also for life.

The success of your ISB interview lies completely in your hands. You can always talk to a consultant for the much needed help in preparation but it eventually depends on how confident you are. This can come from practice and patience. You need not go through this journey alone. At ISBmantra, we help prepare you for the D-Day through mock-interviews, feedback from expert consultants, counselling, career goal strategy session and ideal answer reflections.

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