The 15 diverse professional clubs at ISB play an extremely crucial role in prepping the cohort for their dream post-ISB careers

Professional Clubs lie at the centre of the ISB learning experience and are responsible for the complete immersion of their members in the industry/domain they represent. Right from keeping the members abreast about the latest industry trends and disruptions to organizing expert talks – there is not a free day in their calendar! So much so that many a times students find themselves spoiled with choice with 3-4 club sessions scheduled at the same time.

Professional clubs become especially active before the placement season as they are responsible for ensuring their members are well prepared for the cut-throat competition and gruelling challenges that await them. Club leadership works overtime to schedule study treks, resume reviews by alums, guidance workshops for those looking for a career-switch amongst other regular events.

While all students who cast a vote, have de facto membership to Net Impact Club and Women-in-Business Club, over and above this they are allowed to take membership of a maximum 3 professional clubs. Having said that, most club events are open to all PGP students – regardless of their membership but with a preference for members if there are limited seats available.

As of 2020, there are 15 professional clubs at ISB, each of them described in detail below –


With technology having become an indispensable part of our lives and digitalization having revolutionized every industry in the world, Business Technology Club has emerged as one of the most important clubs at ISB. BTC works round the year to upskill and groom their members to help prepare them for the 100+ big tech firm and startups that visit ISB for placements. Some of the key focus areas for BTC include Telecom, IT Products, IT Services, IT Consulting, Product Management and Business applications of Technology.

August 2019 saw the successful launch of ISB’s first Product Conclave. The conclave was spearheaded by the Business Technology Club (BTC) and was a blast for all tech/product enthusiasts on campus. With an impressive lineup of speakers and enthralling discussion about the challenges in SaaS space amongst other things, the 2019 ISB Product Conclave set the benchmark high for upcoming batches.

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Working as a consultant with the Big 3 is a dream majority of MBA aspirants across the world nurture. Same is true for ISB candidates, in fact, ISB enjoys an unparalleled reputation of furnishing some of the best consultants in the country every year. It should come as no surprise then that the Consulting Club at ISB registers the maximum membership in every batch.

With about one-fifth of a typical class at ISB joining the consulting industry, the club plays an instrumental role to help students prepare for their dream jobs. The Consulting Club is especially known for its case prep sessions where alumni fly down to the campuses and help students prepare for case interviews. This starts as early as Term 2 (June / July) and continues till Day 0 placements (November). The sessions are immensely helpful since alumni are able to help share their own experiences and help students avoid common mistakes in the interview.

Source: The Hindu


Energy club is a niche club comprising of members with either a background in or a desire to join the energy and other complementary industries. The sessions focus on industry-level knowledge creation and awareness about the growing opportunities. The club leadership further helps in ELP (experiential learning program) assistance along with closely monitoring the placement of all its members.


The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (EVC) Club at ISB aims to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit in the students. One of the most popular clubs at the school, EVC typically has 30% of the class as its members. It facilitates interactions with entrepreneurs/industry experts and the approximately 400 ISB alumni who are running their own ventures. An immensely active club, the EVC organizes various engaging events all year round.


Finance Club is one of the largest clubs at ISB, with members representing a healthy mix of all financial sectors and supplementary industries like Banking, Corporate Finance, Trading, M&A and Private Equity. One of their most impactful initiatives is the industry trek in which students get to visit top investment banks and Private Equity funds such as Blackstone, Axis Capital, Matrix Partners etc. in Mumbai.
The annual flagship event of Finance Club is called Artha. Artha is an annual capital markets conclave that brings together prestigious names from the banking and finance industry and is the only cross-campus event of the year. Students from Hyderabad and Mohali work in close proximity to pull Artha off. In a first, Artha 2019 was launched by the Lord Mayor of the City of London and further positioned ISB as the leading name in financial industry circles.


The Healthcare Club’s members come from diverse backgrounds such as medicine, pharma, life sciences, finance, consulting, and analytics. Through networking, events with industry stalwarts, peer-to-peer learning sessions, industry treks to leading pharmaceutical firms, resume reviews and mock interviews, the club help students explore opportunities in healthcare.

Healthcare Club is also responsible for organizing Catalyst, ISB’s annual healthcare innovation meet, that brings together esteemed leaders, alumni and current students to engage in stimulating discussions on issues and trends of the healthcare industry. The club with its myriad initiatives truly lives up to its motto ‘Healthcare is for everyone’.


With Manufacturing being offered as a standalone specialization by ISB, there is an increasing interest among students in the fields of manufacturing and operations. The ManOps club organizes various events during the year to help students gain exposure to the vast fields of Operations. The role of the club becomes even more important as a large number of start-ups and corporates hire specifically for logistics and supply chain roles during the placement season.

The club is especially known for conducting certification programs like Lean Six Sigma – green belt and CIISCM Pro and even facilitated the visit to Dr Reddy’s and Honeywell campuses in 2019. The ManOps club also organizes a case competition called Zenith in association with the Munjal Institute of Global Manufacturing (MIGM). Zenith tests participants’ ability to analyze real-life Operations issues and is organized as part of ISB’s annual management festival called Advaita.


Marketing club is one of the most loved and celebrated clubs at ISB and brings together the smartest and most creative minds from the batch. The topics of discussion in club meetings, peer-to-peer learning sessions and industry workshops vary from disruptions in the industry to deep-dive into some of the best marketing campaigns by leading companies like P&G, HUL, Nike, etc. The Marketing Club also have to its credit a vast industry exposure, with members representing industries such as Advertising, Research, Sales, Brand communication, Digital Marketing, Media, and Public Relations to name a few.

September 2019 also saw the Marketing Club host ISB’s first-ever marketing conclave called Marketing Gambit. The two-day event saw a notable speaker lineup, exciting workshops, leadership representations from brands like Google, Big Basket, LinkedIn and a whole lot of Marketing gyaan.

ISB Marketing Gambit 2019


ISB understands the importance of building socially conscious leaders and hence all students have de-facto membership to the Net Impact Club. The club, which is led by students enthusiastic about driving positive social impact by using their skills, has secured the prestigious “Gold Chapter Status” for 4 successive years. Gold status is awarded only to those Net Impact Club chapters globally which go above and beyond in providing their members with opportunities for professional development, create community impact and maintain sustained engagement with the global network.

One of the most noteworthy initiatives led by Net Impact Club is called Bandhan. Bandhan is an annual flagship initiative where 500+ students from various low-income neighbourhoods are invited to both the campuses of ISB. The children are then engaged in fun activities throughout the day by the student body to create a memorable experience while also encouraging them to push through the challenges of their lives. Another important initiative is the ISB Impact Forum (IIF), which is ISB’s flagship social impact conference and aims to encourage dialogue amongst thought leaders and young business professionals about sustainable change and social impact.

Other activities shouldered by the club are blood donation drives, pro bono consulting and volunteering at non-profits.

Source : The Hindu


The Public Policy Club leads the charge at ISB in organizing the most stimulating discussions around major policy changes across the country. It aims to integrate a comprehensive understanding of public policy within the larger business landscape and help interested members explore career opportunities in the domain.

Every year in March, the Public Policy Club organizes ISB Policy Conclave which is an annual summit that brings together visionaries from the public and private sector to engage in and spark conversations around various policy issues and loopholes in the country. The conclave also helps strengthen ISB’s position as a thought leader.

The club is affiliated with the Bharti Institute of Public Policy whose main objectives are to promote high-quality research to guide policy formulation and implementation in India and counts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University as one of the partner schools.

Source : The Hindu


Initiated in 2007, Retail and E-Commerce Club focus on enriching student understanding about the intricate workings of the retail and e-commerce industry. It plays an extremely important role in grooming students for a career in these high-growth and fast-paced industries.

Speaker sessions with industry experts like Kishore Biyani (Future Group), Sanjiv Mehta (HUL), Siva Kumar (ITC) and Ankur Warikoo (Nearbuy) over the years have ensured exceptional exposure to various industry touchpoints like logistics management, sourcing and procurement challenges, adapting to e-commerce and cost-efficient merchandising.


The Senior Executive Club is an exclusive club at ISB, open only to students with more than eight years of work experience. The club aims to build careers in senior management by strategically engaging with various administrative bodies at ISB like CAS (Career Advancement Services) and SEAL (Student Engagement and Applied Learning). Each member profile is unique in SEC and hence they are rich representations of the diversity that ISB is known for, with members from domains like technology, media, defence, healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship, and oil & gas.

The club also ensures regular interaction between the members across both campuses. This results in the exchange of ideas and ensures that the experience of members at both campuses is similar – key takeaways from each session shared in the monthly meetings.


SREI Infrastructure is an industry-specific club with a focus on sectors like Real Estate, Infrastructure and Construction and enjoys the largest budget amongst all professional clubs at ISB. With their continued emphasis on expert sessions by CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies and regular domestic and international study treks to real estate giants like CBRE, OYO, Lodha, JLL etc, the club has won multiple best club awards at both Mohali and Hyderabad campus. Due to the importance and constantly evolving nature of the industry, the club attracts members from all professional backgrounds.


One of the most active and exciting clubs on campus, Toastmasters Club constantly endeavours to nudge its members further in their leadership and communication development journey. The club is known to collaborate with corporate TM clubs of companies like HSBC and Capgemini. Being a part of ISB Toastmasters Club also opens the door to a global network of more than 3.5 lakhs members across 143 countries.


Like Net Impact Club, Women in Business Club or WiB enjoys a special status that extends all ISB students a de-facto membership. WiB aims to empower and enable future leaders at ISB to create a gender-equal culture in their respective organizations. A large part of it is achieved by sensitization workshops that open dialogue on the topic. It also works towards expanding the scope of opportunities for women candidates at ISB through networking events and mentorship initiatives.

By making conversations about gender-gap mainstream, WiB works towards eradicating the problem from the root of business.

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