Interview Date16th February, 2016
Work ProfileMarine Navigation -Second Officer with Maersk Line ; BE Marine Technology BIT Mesra
Interviewers’ ProfileP1- AlumP2- AdcomP3
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusBe prepared with Why MBA and provide examples of skills mentioned in essays.

Qn: What do you do at work?
A: Told them about my core professional responsibilities of passage planning and navigation and additional responsibilities of safety and medical officer.

Qn: Tell us what you have done so far and why do you want to do an MBA?
A: Told them about my career progression, education sponsorship from Maersk and how I find my future growth to be unidirectional with limited exposure.

Followup Qn: But our question was why do you want to an MBA?
A: Told them about how I was exposed to the commercial side of the shipping industry, and how I realised my future growth opportunities to be limited, and the skills I have at present that I can leverage in my future career aspirations and the skills and exposure I wish to gain from MBA.

Qn: Tell us a situation where you had to demonstrate analysing and decision-making skills. Elaborate.
A: Told them about a close quarter near collision situation in Malacca Straits and how I handled it effectively.

Followup Qn: But how did you analyse data? In our opinion, it is more intuition-based which comes by experience.
A: Gave another long term example of voyage planning and how we collect data while being prepared for last-minute changes.

Qn:  Tell us something about your extra-curricular activities.
A: Told them about my extra-curricular activities and how I was associated with a society. A brief discussion and minor cross-questioning.

Follow up Qn: Suppose you want to start an NGO in your hometown, how will you find the number of people suffering from that ailment?
A:­­ Answered in realistic terms, through doctors, physiotherapists and yoga instructors.

Qn: Detailed discussion on my hobbies and reason behind each one of them
A: Elaborated the above.

Qn: Provide details about the current maritime and shipping industry scenario.
A: Elaborated with some facts and figures

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