Interview Date21st February, 2016
Work ProfileEricsson, Number of years of experience – 3 years 8 months
Interviewers’ ProfileP1 – AlumP2 – AlumP3
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusIt was relaxed interview. By their approach, they asked standard questions and throw in a bit of queries on my goals.

Qn: Tell us about your work experience
A: Provided a brief Introduction. Expanded on my areas of work, my awards in work, my onsite experience, my promotion etc

Qn: Where do you see the telecom market heading to?
A:  Spoke about marginal revenue from data increasing compared to voice; Elaborated on Necessity of data-driven services; Alliances between telecom and adjacent verticals (media, healthcare, finance); Digital companies and Digital Transformation of companies enabled with ICT solutions.

Qn: Why an MBA from ISB?
A: Mentioned my goal to be a consultant in ICT space (Digital Transformation) in Ericsson or other companies in this domain. MBA is needed to acquire knowledge on functional areas like corporate finance/market research to complement my tech experience. Elaborated on the advantages of doing an MBA in India which is a huge potential in telecom. Focus on research in SRITNE and Innovative programs like ELP/FIRP.

Followup Qn: Why not take market insights from the internet when Data is available so easily?
A: Said market data might be Domain/company-specific and under unknown assumptions. You cannot rely on such inputs unless you can fully understand all assumptions made.

Qn: Why not join a startup? You can get lots of learnings and you will not be restricted because of not having an MBA as is the case in MNCs.
A: True, working in a start-up will help me amass good knowledge on diverse business functional areas. But developing a good product is not sufficient. You need to have a good distribution model in place to get your product/solution out of the door. Ericsson has global reach and end-to-end skills.

Qn: What are your hobbies?
A: Had mentioned football gossip and speculating transfers as my hobby.

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