Interview Date23rd Dec, 2017
Work ProfileSupply Chain / Operations at Whirlpool, Ex-Honda, 3.5+ years of experience
Interviewers’ ProfileP1- AdComP2- Alum
Your Opinion on the approach of the interviewers and their key focusInterviewers were casual and conversational, and did not treat the interview as a formal affair. They were clear about what they wanted to ask. However, my panel was running late, so my interview took place almost 2 hours after the scheduled slot. So, I got an impression that they were trying to rush through. My interview was the first interview after lunch

Qn: Asked me to describe my career progression
A: Began from my campus placement, described my Graduate Engineer Trainee experience, went on to my role in Honda, and my role in Whirlpool

Follow-up Qn: Asked me to elaborate my reason for switching to Whirlpool
A: Described my interest in Product Development, and how the role in Whirlpool gave me exposure to Global teams

Qn: Asked me about a project that I undertook in Honda, and the challenges I faced
A: Told them the objective of the project, and told them the issues I had with leading the team

Follow-up Qn: Asked me how I tackled leading Union associates
A: Described how I had to be firm with the team members, and the strategy I developed to deal with any people issues

Qn: Asked me why MBA
A: Spoke about the short and long term goals from my essay

Qn: Asked me about a magazine that I wrote for in college
A: Described the content of the magazine and my role as a music editor

Qn: Asked if I had any other questions
A: Asked whether the clubs are centralized across both campuses, or whether they are independent. Asked about the Graduate Student Board as well.

[There were some other minor questions related to work experience etc, which had general replies. The interview lasted for 15-20 minutes]

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