The unending list of diverse professional and social clubs are the lifelines PGP students just cannot do without at ISB!

The much talked about 28+ professional and social clubs of ISB are the biggest value addition to the flagship PGP. After all, the onus of personal grooming, professional upskilling and a happening social life for all PGP candidates is borne by these clubs.

Students can choose to be a part of these clubs either as members or be at the forefront of club activities as part of the core team. The core team of each club is led by a President and Vice President and consists of 5-6 other functional positions of responsibility like Marketing & Communication, Alumni Relations, Learning & Development and Event Planning coordinators.

The top brass (President & Vice President) is elected by a meticulous election process that begins with the preparation of a manifesto. The candidates then embark on extensive campaigns and field tricky questions from students before finally being elected as the club president. The candidate with the second-highest number of votes becomes the vice president. On the other hand, the core team is decided by a detailed application review and personal interview process by the club president and vice president, often with inputs from student board (GSB) president.

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Professional Clubs lie at the center of the ISB learning experience and are responsible for complete immersion of their members in the industry / domain they represent. Right from keeping the members abreast about the latest industry trends and disruptions to organizing expert talks – there is not a free day in their calendar! So much so that many a times students find themselves spoiled with choice with 3-4 club sessions scheduled at the same time. The best way to navigate this dilemma is to remember, MBA at ISB is like an all-you-can-eat buffet – you could either choose to have a little bit of everything or pick your favorites and skip the rest!

Professional clubs become especially active before the placement season as they are responsible for ensuring their members are well prepared for the cut-throat competition and grueling challenges that await them. Club leadership works overtime to schedule study treks, resume reviews by alums, guidance workshops for those looking for a career-switch amongst other regular events.

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While all students have de facto membership to Net Impact Club and the Women-in-Business Club, over and above this they are allowed to take membership of a maximum 3 professional clubs. Having said that, most club events are open to all PGP students – regardless of their membership but with a preference for members if there are limited seats available.

As of 2020, there are 15 professional clubs at ISB with Marketing Club and Consulting Club being the most popular ones. A detailed list of all professional clubs is captured below –

Business Technology ClubConsulting Club
Energy ClubEntrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club
Finance ClubHealthcare Club
Manufacturing & Operations ClubMarketing Club
Net Impact ClubPublic Policy Club
Retail and e-commerce ClubSenior Executive Club
SREI Infrastructure ClubToastmasters Club
Women in Business Club


ISB Pride
Source: ISB Facebook Page

With PGP being a full-time residential program, Social Clubs are one of the most integral part of the ISB experience. Responsible for all things happy, fun, and eventful at the campuses, the workings of these social clubs are more relaxed as compared to the professional clubs. The leadership team selection for Social Clubs follows the same process as their more serious counterpart, Professional Clubs do. However, there is no limit to the number of social clubs one can join.

One should not underestimate the contribution of these clubs as there are countless stories of students having discovered/groomed their hidden talents like dancing, stand-up comedy, quilling, pottery making, singing, drumming, photography amongst others simply by the interventions organized by these clubs.  Clubs also become an important platform to meet other like-minded individuals and develop a stronger personal network by obsessing over similar passions.

Whether it is the evening jam sessions by music club, early morning nature photography trek by photography club or bone-tickling roast sessions by Stand-Up Club – social clubs truly bring students together!

The ISB currently has the following 10 social clubs:

Arts & Creativity ClubDance Club
LGBTQ ClubMusic Club
Photography ClubQuiz Club
Radio ClubSports Club
Stand-up ComedyTheatre Club

If you still feel there is not a club representing your interest, you are absolutely free to start your own Special Interest Group or SIG – after showing support of at least 50% of the batch. The class of 2020 alone had 8 SIGs, with the most popular addition being the Media & Entertainment SIG.

PS: If your SIG remains intact for at least 3 years, it is bestowed upon the status of a permanent club!

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